Super Mario RPG Is Coming to the Western Virtual Console

VC-Reviews writes: "It's time to rejoice, as Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars has been rated by the OFLC today!

Fans have longed for this game's release on VC for an eternity - It was listed on the ESRB around the Wii's launch but mysteriously disappeared along with some other games later. After not hearing anything about the game for about a year, it was announced that Japan would be getting the game this month. Obviously this re-ignited the flame of desire, and many people were once again wondering when (And if) the game would be released elsewhere."

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Silogon3783d ago

Super mario Rpg already on my computer!

3783d ago
BeaArthur3783d ago

Nice. It's been a long time since they have released a true classic on the Virtual Console.

sonarus3783d ago

Honestly, if i ever bought a wii, it would be just for virtual console so i can play all the old snes games like donkey kong and super mario rpg.

player9113783d ago

I already have Super Mario RPG on my Wii. Its called homebrew. You can make just about any ROM into a VC game by simply injecting it into a channel.

Mario RPG, Mario All Stars + Super Mario World, Chrono Trigger, PilotWings, Smash Brothers 64, etc.

mepsipax3783d ago

I just use the homebrew channel and play all the games everyone always wants on VC, I'm a loyal nintendo fan and buy the games that are available but when nintendo only releases 1 game a week I get sick of it and just download my favorite classics (which I originally bought) soon we'll have full speed 64 emulation and I'll be playing all the classics and laughing at all the suckers complaining about games they want on vc, the homebrew channel is also useful because you have your sd card to play off no copying to and from system memory to sd card anymore! And the homebrewers have already got a usb mass storage device working on wii so homebrewers right now are doing more than Ninty is.

BlackIceJoe3783d ago

Awesome news now SE please give me a new one too on the Wii.

PS360WII3783d ago

well they already did with My Life As a King and Dragon Quest Swords ^^ as far as soon to be games we still have Crystal Bearers and that Soul Eater game. So they are doing what they do :)

Smacktard3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

...I'm fairly certain he meant a new SMRPG on the Wii. Not a new RPG...

I couldn't agree more though. This might actually persuade me to transfer some of my VC games to my SD card (UGHHH) to make room for SMRPG. Despite still having the SNES cartridge and a working SNES, I'm definitely getting this game, provided it does come out in US & Canada... sigh, no mention yet...

PS360WII3783d ago

lol doh >< yeah I would love a new Super Mario RPG from Square Enix as well. I wish that one last years April fools joke was real in a sense then. The one where they said KH3 was going to be set in Mushroom Kingdom. How awesome would that be!

GodsHand3783d ago

Love this game, if I ever get a Wii, just might get it.

PS360WII3783d ago

Awesome news! This game is so great there will be a nice spot for it on my Wii Channels

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