Flying Wiimote Breaks 60" TV

A member of the Something Awful Forums lost his 60" TV this weekend to a flying Wiimote.

"We brought the Wii home and played it pretty much nonstop for the past 24 hours. At 12:10am, during a slower couch-sitting game of Wii Sports: Bowling, my Nintendo Wii got angry with me. My buddy Troy reels back to roll his ball as he's done about 300 times tonight and suddenly feels the controller slip from his hand. (THANK GOD for the wrist strap right?) Nope. Wrist strap snaps. The Wiimote flies across the room impaling my 60" rear projection TV square in the upper left corner. Be warned: Sweaty hands + faulty Wiimote wrist strap = broken ass TV."

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THWIP4375d ago

I can guarantee it won't be the LAST time this happens, too. :D

USMChardcharger4375d ago

for some reason a simple quote from the movie Friday comes to mind. it is when ice cube and chris tucker at the same time say, "Daaaamn."

i guess you should move your tv away from any windows too...3 reasons...broken window, a lost flying controller, or both.

THWIP4375d ago

...until some redneck American (and I can say that without prejudice, because I'm from Kentucky :p ) tries to sue Nintendo.
Either from a broken T.V., or a broken NOSE...maybe even an eye put out...from the "flying Wiimote" phenomenon. Mark my words, it WILL HAPPEN. :o

Sphinx4375d ago

...and not once did someone lose hold of the remote, so I can't attest to the strength of the straps... but we do make sure to have them on!

nirwanda4375d ago

I bet he didn't even have the wii strap on(lol) and is trying to claim some money back for his tv

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The story is too old to be commented.