One Man Works on the Madden Team Rankings Each Year Alone

With every new Madden, there are new ratings. Over at EA Tiburon there is only one man who goes through every player, analyzes them and rates them each year alone. This man is simply known as the "Ratings Czar." As a gamer should you be concerned?

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Cutbacks to keep the NFL License?


9 Ridiculous Petitions Even More Absurd than Banning Fortnite

There have been some ridiculous petitions pertaining to video games over the years that make the Fortnite petiton seem pretty tame in comparison.

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Let's Play Madden NFL 15 - Kickers

The PLG crew invented a new way to play Madden - with kickers being the stars. Mark and Ryan take on Chris and Ty is a kickers only challenge.

The Rules:

The offense has one down to make a pass or run. On 2nd down, the offense must go for a field goal attempt or punt the ball away. Fake kicks or punts are not allowed.

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Let's Play Madden NFL 15 - Noob Mode

The Picked Last Gamers take on another Madden Monday. Mark/Ty vs Mike/Angelica in a round of Madden NFL 15. It's the All-pros against the rookies. #BringANoobToWorkDay is a thing right?

LaWiiG3039d ago

I remember playing Madden for the first time online. This is totLly me!