Spencer: MGS today is "as strong as it's ever been"

Phil Spencer, the new head of Microsoft Game Studios, has told that he believes the company he's taking over is "as strong as it's ever been," with a solid line-up and clear strategy.

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PoSTedUP3779d ago

you better hope your strategy works!

resistance1003779d ago

Lol for a second i thought he was on about Metal Gear Solid being as strong as ever, not Microsoft Game Studio's lol

Bob Dole3779d ago

Bob Dole's stronger than both.

cr33ping_death3779d ago

LOL @ " whos bob dole?" how old are you?

t-0_ot-3779d ago

I'm two. How old are you?

By the way, I was kidding.. about who Bob Dole is. -.-

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BrianC62343779d ago

I agree with this guy from Microsoft. Metal Gear Solid is as strong as its ever been. In fact, it's even better now. I don't blame them for talking about this great PS3 exclusive.

Caxtus7503779d ago

Microsoft Game Studios incase yuo are not joking.

It stands for Microsoft Game Studios. The title is just a retarded way of getting more views.

name3779d ago

I swear I thought he was talking about Metal Gear Solid.

TruthBTold3779d ago

I thought the same thing dude, I was like "MGS is getting some lovin from the MS people" than when I read the article I realised they were talking about something else. MGS is know as Metal gear Solid, this gets people confused.

hi-tower3779d ago

When you look at the list of games in development you can see his point, most major hitters for this year on 360 seem to be coming from inside MGS:

Out in 2008:

Lost Odyssey
Ninja Gaiden 2


Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts
Fable 2
Gears of War 2
Halo Wars
Too Human
Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise

I know this is a theme with the 360 that has worked well up to now, particularly with the HALO franchise, although is a lack of upcoming blockbuster 3rd party developer software going to hurt Microsoft in the long run?

Drekken3779d ago

Gears and Too Human are the only intriguing ones for me, and Too Human could turn out to disappoint us.

gerol3779d ago

what a lame line-up...

t-0_ot-3779d ago

So, uhm.. what's Sony's E3 line-up look like?

Kleptic3779d ago

most of those are just MGS published games...with no clear indication of how exclusive the titles will remain...

that is MGS's biggest problem...they throw money around for timed exclusives, but haven't expanded internal development...where as SCE has about 5X the internal development capability of MGS...

with the expense of current gen development, buying up 3rd party timed exclusives is not going to work anymore (as it clearly isn't...all that money for GTAIV did nothing to 'hurt' the PS3's momentum)...1st party internal games are the only guaranteed exclusives for the most part...slowly but surely everything outside of 1st party will start to be multiplatform reason its more important than ever to have internal development constantly expanding...

t-0_ot-3779d ago

I own both systems and am looking forward to E3 from both Sony and MicroSoft. Out of both of the companies line-ups, that is currently confirmed, I am looking forward to MicroSoft's line-up more.

I think they have more big titles that they are showing off at E3 than Sony. I have more interest in MS line-up.

But, In my opinion they both have good line-ups.

And, Gerol, like Kleptic already said.. Those titles that hi-tower listed is just from MsGS, or being published from MsGs.

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