Comcast Increases Upload Speeds at No Cost

Many internet users simply think about download speeds when they are shopping for a service provider. What some forget to consider is the upload speed of a plan. This is particularly important to those who upload pictures to internet sharing sites and videos to YouTube and similar services.

Comcast announced today that it will be increasing the upload speed of two of its internet packages at no additional cost. Comcast says that its 6 Mbps download / 384 Kbps upload package will see the upload speed nearly tripled. The new plan will keep the same download speed and increase the upload speed to 1 Mbps.

Comcast's faster 8 Mbps download / 768 Kbps upload package will see a bit more than twice the upload speed to 2 Mbps uploads. Comcast had previously announced a service called PowerBoost that increases download speeds to 12 Mbps on the Performance tier plans and up to 16 Mbps on the Performance Plus tier on files that are 10MB or less in size.

Senior Vice President and General manager of Comcast High-Speed internet Mitch Bowling said in a statement, "As the Internet and its functionality evolves, so will our services and offerings," said Mitch Bowling, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Comcast High-Speed Internet, Comcast Cable. "We've made a number of complimentary speed increases over the last few years and we focused this latest increase on upstream speeds so our customers can take even better advantage of the ever-expanding amount of interactive applications the Internet has to offer."

Increasing upload speeds for customers will be a welcome announcement when other internet providers have been announcing usage based plans in some areas. Time Warner announced recently that its lower cost plans would have a monthly bandwidth limit of only 5GB in one test area.

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Silogon5341d ago

I've went round and round with Comcast the last month on this issue in my area. I am now batting 34000 + kbps on my uploads. which isn't bad at all. I'm doing nearly 36mb per second on my downloads and I have 8mb service.

Problem is, when I do a speed test in my area server it is 152, but when I do it in another area it's at 74 go figure. Yet, all my trace routes are hitting fine and I have no packet loss. I think it's, if you ask me cause all the other speedtest sites are accurate with comcast.

g3nkie5341d ago

Ya. At no cost because thats what we should of been getting in the first place for what you pay for their sh1tty service....

pharmd5340d ago

hell yeah, any increase with no cost increase is uber awesome.... sure beats that news about data caps that others are trying to include now!!!

kewlkat0075340d ago (Edited 5340d ago )

but don't let the "at no cost" fool ya, for what people are paying and compared to other parts of the world it's not really a freebie.

This was Due a while back...

The lack of big competition stinks for any product/service

whoknew5340d ago

When is Verizon gonna do this. I pay $30 for 756kbs speed, 10kbs upload and 100kbs download. Damn they are raping me. In Mexico you pay $25 for 2mb speed.

mcgrawgamer5340d ago

to steal market share from other hsd providers. more importantly Verizon with Fios and At&T with U-verse.

Time Warner cable has done the same thing at no cost to the customer. Cable companies actually have a honor amongst theives mentality. Watch for cable vision and others to soon follow with their hsd speeds. Just like cable won't pay the NFL xamount of millions for the NFL network they all follow suite withe each other. Ever notice how no cable company bumps head like satellite. I mean you see dish and direct tv in the same space all the time but don't see cable companies crossing each others territory. Think about it.

IdleLeeSiuLung5339d ago

Cable/Phone companies are the biggest crook companies next to nigeran scammers. They always get protected from the government and each company has their little region of monopoly.

That is why they never butt heads, it is not a free market. Where I used to live, I could not get Comcast and was stuck with ATT. My new place though gets Comcast and so far has performed great well at least compared to ATT.

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