Western Digital Launches Caviar Black 1TB HDD

Western Digital has introduced a new Caviar Black line of hard drives that is available in both 750GB and 1TB storage capacities. The new drives have twice the normal cache size of typical drives with 32MB of high-performance cache memory. The Black edition drives also feature dual electronics architecture processors for twice the processing power.

The motor shaft on the drives is secured at both ends to reduce vibration and the technology is dubbed StableTrac. Western Digital also uses NoTouch ramp technology that prevents the recording head from touching the media for reduced wear and longer operational life. The Caviar Black line uses SATA 3.0 interface. The buffer to disk transfer rate is 145MB/s max.

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user8586213779d ago

i know wats going in my ps3 this christmas :D

Apocwhen3779d ago

Except it won't fit your PS3. PS3 will only take 2.5'' drives and I'm pretty sure this aint a 2.5'' drive with that capacity

Blademask3779d ago

Will this fit in the PS3?

Apocwhen3779d ago

Don't think so. Although the article doesn't specify the size in inches of the drive, that kind of capacity suggests it's a 3.5'' drive.

Blademask3779d ago

Guess ill stick with my 250gig hdd then.

Dlacy13g3779d ago

I think its pretty clear they are moving to a digital distribution model by their own comments for next gen. To do that they will need cheap and extremely large HDD. 750 GB and 1TB HDD priced sub $200 are exactly in the wheel house for the kind of tech they would need. So seeing it come out now at that 3-4 years one can only imagine how cheaply they could contract them out for.

agentace3779d ago

its 3.5 inch if you look it up on the websites you can buy it from but it wont take long to make it into a 2.5 inch

kylegtheassman3778d ago

sorry guys it will not fit in the ps3

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