China paving the way for big Xbox One sales

China has approved the sale of 5 million Xbox One units, opening the way for Microsoft to make a big splash in the country’s emerging console sector.

Microsoft’s Chinese partner BesTV revealed the figure in a Tuesday earnings statement. The Chinese version of the Xbox One goes on in China on Sept. 23, after the country ended a 13-year-old ban on the import of foreign game consoles.

mrpsychoticstalker3210d ago

I think the Xbox will be a success in China, they are starting with 5M, but that promises to not be enough in coming months. Especially after all those beautiful games come out at the end of this year.

uptownsoul3210d ago

"they are starting with 5M, but that promises to not be enough in coming months" -- Not sure where your getting your promises from because every opinion survey i've read says the Chinese aren't really into the Xbox Brand (here's 1 source example : )

Godmars2903210d ago

Just because its polling badly wont mean that the 5 million XB1s wont sell. Just as it doesn't mean that MS will have 5 million to send over quickly.

Though this will likely lead to these numbers being used in sales reports, whether true or not.

creatchee3210d ago

There are 1 billion people in China. 5 million is .5 percent of the population. It's not that unreasonable of an allotment.

uptownsoul3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

@Godmars290 I never said the Xbox One wouldn't sell in China. I didn't even say the Xbox One wouldn't sell 5M in China(over time). I'm referring to the specific line in the OP's comment that i quoted "they are starting with 5M, but that promises to not be enough in the coming months"…I was merely sourcing the poll as the reason why China probably will not run out of 5M Xbox Ones "in the coming months"

sonarus3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

Great move entering chinese market. MS needs to be in more markets to try to push more sales.

Polls may not be definitive and not sure the games are there right now to guarantee success in asian markets. Even PS4 is struggling mightily in Asia. Microsoft in my opinion needs to focus PRIMARILY on US and UK. They did poorly in the rest of europe and asia last gen but still were successful overall with the strength of US and UK. They need to be focusing ALLL their efforts on US and UK because realistically this is where they are most likely to find success.

GiggMan3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

@Creatchee, there are 1billion people in the US and Europe. The Xbox One, by some unreliable sources, are just getting to 5 million sold.

The amount of people means nothing. It's all about who is interested in your product and is willing/can buy it. I can see 5million sold eventually but not by the end of the year like Physco is referring to.

Gazondaily3209d ago

I just don't see Xbox One's selling well in China for some reason. Well let's wait and see.

mikeslemonade3209d ago

Several reasons I see the X1 will falter their just like anywhere else outside the UK and USA.

It's too expensive their. I'm full chinese, myself, and we are frugal. It's reportedly going to be $600 U.S. Even despite that we may be rich, but if we don't see a good deal a lot chinese people will not buy it. The proportion of haves and have nots is big disparity there too. There's lots of rich and then lots of poor.

And next, the chinese identify with Sony more. Actually, the Xbox brand just doesn't work much outside of the predominately Caucasian countries.

So anyone saying X1 has a chance, technically they have a less than 1% chance to be a success over there. And also these kinds have people are just using blind faith. It just won't happen. It even took U.S. several years for the Xbox original to sell well. And somehow you think China will be a success?? Makes no sense when you use trend analysis.

creatchee3209d ago


Yeah, I get what you're saying. It all depends on how the initial reception for the console goes. If it is successful, word of mouth would push more sales. If not, then it will probably sell at a lesser rate.

Lightning Mr Bubbles3209d ago

What about PS4? Not allowed to sell in China or what?

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Kingthrash3603210d ago

I dunno China has more interest in ps4 ATM. Plus they dont like US products very much. ...on the same coin they dislike the Japanese as well so its kind of up in the air.
Recent polls show China has more interest in the ps4. All in all it will be interesting to see how it all pans out....China has a huge market. Tons of PC markets. It's a wide open situation.

johndoe112113210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

I'm betting that 2 weeks after the Chinese release, microsoft makes a statement claiming 10 million units sold. It's no accident that 5 million units got approved when microsoft is 5 million units behind the ps4.

They're gonna do the same thing they did everywhere else. They're gonna stuff the market with units, unsold xbones are gonna be lining store shelves and microsoft is gonna go into PR mode and claim MAGNIFICIENT sales and say they have leveled the playing field with the ps4.

Xbox fanatics are gonna come here and make comments of joy using this as proof that the ps4 was only ahead because it was selling in more countries. They will totally ignore all the photos showing xboxes on store shelves for months not going anywhere, they'll ignore all the news articles saying that sales are very low and when after 8 months pass and they still have only sold the same 5 million in china and the ps4 is almost twenty million in world wide sales, we'll get some other excuse to say why the xbox is lagging behing.

XB1_PS43209d ago

Lol, but they're made in china.

TheXgamerLive3209d ago

They love American products, its their gov't that doesnt. China's gov't taxes all incoming items if they allow them entrance at all.
My wife is chinese fuzhou. They want to get their hands badly on U.S. items and now they will.

GiggMan3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

You think they are going to sale 5M Xbox Ones in China by the end of the year? Considering they haven't/barely sold that many world wide I guess China equals the world now.

Wow lol.

3210d ago
stuna13209d ago

Not the world now, the new world! The truth is nobody knows how well the Xbox1 will do in China, but I think it's safe to say Sony will offset a major sales advantage since it's also due to release in China as well. Plus people can bet that the people of China know of all the struggles that the Xbox1 has had to endure, The PS4 doesn't have that type of negativity hovering over it.

GiggMan3209d ago

I know. I've been to China for work. Although the population is high, how many people do you think have disposable income to buy a full price Xbox One at launch assuming that they want one?

Between the US and Europe there are a billion people, 300mil and 700mil respectively give or take, and Xbox One has barely sold 5Mil consoles. It's been 9 months.

MrPhyco is saying that 5mil is a start in China and might not be enough, due to the "beautiful games due by the end of the year".

Pretty silly statement.

turdburgler10803209d ago


Chinese hate Japanese with a passion of the christ. Chances are some Japanese haters will be smashing ps4's in large crowds at the next anti Japanese rally. That's probably why it's so popular. Folks I. China can't wait to brutally destroy as many ps4's as they can get their hands on.

ABizzel13209d ago


And they don't hate Americans who've also warred and feuded with them? politics has little to do with purchasing electronics, unless the government blocks it. And considering the fact that there's a Sony China I doubt any blockage is going to happen.

Gaming as a whole was blocked from China, and now that it's open again it's fair game. What's crazy is with that population China could realistically become the gaming central of the globe toppling NA and EU combined, with a lot of developers catering to the Chinese taste (which means more MOBA's and MMORPGs).

tiffac0083209d ago


Incorrect thats BS propaganda done by only a few. I've been to China and there are Japanese companies doing business there far longer than some of the biggest NA or EU companies have.

There are Japanese students there that studies as well. You may want to go to China first because what you say doesn't reflect the general population at all.

Haters will always hate, here in the Philippines we have a socialist group that hates America but they don't reflect the entire country they are only the minority and this is the same with China.

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styferion3210d ago

uh, they already starting long ago, if you would actually go to china to see it for yourself both XB1 and PS4 can be bought quite easily from grey market. Also it's region free, don't need to worry about them censors..

SoapShoes3210d ago

It's going to take quite a while for all of the systems to be sold. They have approved 5 million but that isn't going to sell all in one shot... -_-

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700p3210d ago

Its a great move from microsoft. I personally think it will be a success.

rainslacker3209d ago

5 million has been enough for the rest of the world so far. I know China has the largest population in the world, but that doesn't mean that their tastes are any different than the rest of the world. Gamers in china can see through BS just like the rest, and the PS or Nintendo brand would have more games that appeal to the asian demographic anyhow.

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hello123210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

x box 1 will be shipping to China first and it being a new market for consoles anything can happen.

Black market and than you say it was possible to get these consoles literally everywhere (what?) Would an illegally imported console not cost more? How did people in China use the game disks and x box live how did it work in china exactly? 360 was region restricted for the most part last gen.

badz1493210d ago

you mean, new "official" market for consoles. all the previous gens consoles have been sold in China for ages in their so called "black markets". the console ban law has been loosely implemented in the first place making it possible to get these consoles literally everywhere.

Volkama3210d ago

Hmmmm that is concerning. September 23rd is quite soon too. We need to prepare!

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? I bet you're not cos I don't actually know what I'm thinking. Or typing.


Niv3210d ago

No games with words freedom or democracy can be sold like cod and battlefield. Sad...

OUROSMAG3210d ago

I hope it does well, although it seems the countries interest is a little more in favor of the ps4.

qwerty6763210d ago

ya according to some polls that represent .00001% of Chinese gamers.

OpieWinston3210d ago

It's a country with over 100 Million gamers. How accurate are those polls going to be?
I looked at them and they targeted around 5000 people.
Not very indicative of the overall population.

qwerty6763210d ago

pretty much,

but im getting spammed with disagrees for some reason for saying it?

Samsara823210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

problem with most of polls....sample population too small and they take, example all gamers going to this website in particular which can affect the results and you get biased results...polls are very often biased unless they take random people from the population and not aim the study on a particular group...and a population like china is so large that you would need quite a big sample to have a good poll....
.That being said...I personally think this could go both ways...its a "new" market not taking into consideration the black market and if they have a good marketing push from BesTV you never know what might happen....

Kribwalker3210d ago

You wanna see how inaccurate polls can be, just look at the 2013 bc election. The pollsters had the NDP party ahead by 9 points the night before the election, (some had them as much as 20points up during the campaign) and yet the Liberal party won by almost 4 points. That's a 13 point swing in one night.

Polls don't typically mean to much

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kurochi3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

yes..... I agree China is a new market for consoles
But..... I still think games are what should push console sales.
In that sense, my money is still on the PS4 to come out on top b/c of their first party studio game support..... BC honestly (I know, beating a dead horse here), you buy a console for games not all that extra curricular stuff (which you can get from your PC, and we know China is very heavy on the PC use).
I hope XB1 will do well, that way I can talk some trash on the new Gears game in China.... LOL

Death3210d ago

What games are you referring to? Sony has an incredible catalog of IP's they released since the original Playstation launched, but many of the studios since then have shut down, been repurposed, or down-sized.

Sony's first party studios have released Knack and Killzone at launch, Infamous and the remake of TLOU in the past year.

The Japanese launch was delayed to make games more Japanese centered according to Sony. They released Knack and Killzone. The PS4 isn't doing well in Japan as a result.

kurochi3210d ago

Ok, I'll bite.
So, your logic/argument is you're willing to bet that the XB1 will do better than Sony in China b/c they have better first party studios when compared to Sony? Am I interpreting your POV correctly?
Regardless of personally preference, that's what you're saying?
Enlighten me on why XB1 will do better in China (I'm really not being a smart-ass, I really want to know b/c maybe I'm wrong in my assumptions).

04STIBluByU3210d ago

Your forgetting MLB The Show

Death3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

I honestly have no idea how either company will do in China since there really isn't any history for either company to base an opinion on.

Microsoft is launching in China first which may prove to be very significant. They have partnered with BesTV creating a joint venture in September of 2013 giving them a year to prepare. So far Microsoft has taken the Chinese market very seriously while Sony has only announced they are planning with a strategic partner to bring the PS4 to China a few months ago.

Call me crazy, but I think planning ahead of time and partnering with a very successfull and established Chinese company coupled with a head start gives Microsoft the advantage.

When you factor in Microsofts much larger cash reserves, they also have more available marketing muscle.

Spotie3209d ago

If Microsoft's cash reserves can't make them keep up with the PS4 now, when it's early and that should be its easiest, what the hell makes you think it's gonna make a difference later on?

I mean, were you born last year, or did you miss how Microsoft's massive wallet led them to an amazing third place finish in the last generation?

Give that shit a rest.

Death3209d ago

"an amazing third place finish"

Nintendo did an amazing job increasing sales from 25 million to over 100 million with the Wii. Their handhelds dominated the market place with inferior hardware and still continue to outsell their nearest competitor by a very wide margin.

Sony was able to sell almost half as many PS3's as they did PS2's and trailed Microsoft from 2005 when the Xbox 360 launched all the way to May 2013 when VGC claimed the PS3 finally passed it. Neither company confirmed VGC claims. If this claim is indeed accurate, it took Sony almost 8 years to catch up the 5 million consoles Microsoft sold before the PS3 launched.

Microsoft was able to increase their sales from 25 million to over 80 million consoles sold with the 360. To go from being outsold 6:1 to gaining enough to be 1:1 with Sony is an amazing third place finish.

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