TeamXbox: Infinite Undiscovery Hands-On Preview & Producer Q&A

TeamXbox writes: "It's a case of mistaken identity that doesn't exactly turn out for the worst for Capell…at least, not at first. At the beginning of Infinite Undiscovery-Square Enix's upcoming Xbox-exclusive RPG-we find Capell being held in a prison for a reason apparently known to all but him. His detention is soon interrupted by a "visit" from the mysterious Aya, who takes out a guard and starts breaking him out of his cell. To make it more mysterious, she keeps referring to him as "Sigmund." Before long, more guards come and knock Aya out, leaving Capell to fend for himself. He tries to take the passive route by talking his way out of the jam, but the guards keep advancing on him with their weapons drawn, so he's forced to confront them with Aya's dropped sword (a fight that also serves as an introductory battle tutorial for the player).

After that, things become a little bit clearer…and more dangerous. When Aya comes to, he's able to convince her that he's not Sigmund-better known as "Sigmund the Liberator"-which explains why he was captured and tossed in the cell, but also why all the guards refer to him as "Liberator." Of course, it's past the point where he can explain the innocent mistake to his captors, so they hightail it out of the jail…and the adventure really begins."

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Infinite Undiscovery seems to be a JRPG with a difference.Positive previews so far.One to keep an eye out.