The Division Xbox One GamesCom Demo "Jaw Dropping, Solid Gameplay, Went From Dashboard To In-Game

The first impression of Tom Clancy's The Division Xbox One GamesCom 2014 behind the closed door demo and insider information on DirectX 12 and more.

christocolus3627d ago

Damn. I can't wait. This is one game I'm really excited about.

BiggerBoss3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

Wow I didn't even notice he was the source lol. There goes any legitimacy to this story

Edit: referring to the directx part of the article. The statements about the division are actually from a legitimate source (justin robey)

iamnsuperman3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

That is a terrible source. He has possibly the worst track record out there. The author might as well say anonymous source. Other than that part the rest of the article is interesting

Edit: What website thinks using him as a source is a good idea. What Justin said is good but half the story is based on a terrible source

whateva3627d ago

Source: MisterxMedia LOL. who would approve this?

creatchee3627d ago

Ehhhhh.... MisterX... The source might as well be Mel Gibson in the film Conspiracy Theory.

Kayant3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

Lmaoooo talk about picking bread crumbs.... To source mistermediax and write a serious piece about it is damn shameful and poor journalism.

How do you source someone that has not been right once will any of the so called "insider" info.

No doubt the division will look great because it's next-gen only and is not coming out for a good while. Would be great to have impressions from non-MS employees but no doubt the game will look amazing on any system when it's out.

DoubleM703627d ago

Yeah but the first guy confirmed it.

Justin Robey, Senior Producer on Sunset Overdrive, Ryse: Son of Rome and Scalebound. He said it was Jaw dropping.

Ezz20133627d ago

i pretty much lost it when i see Misterxmedia as the source

this guy think his left hand is his right leg

AngelicIceDiamond3627d ago

Great, this story would of been fine if MistermediaX name didn't pop up anywhere near it.

Either way I believe Justin Robey considering he was actually present at the demo showing.

Hardcore_gamerxbox3627d ago

If it was from ahsan Rasheed that bloody heart doctor if it was about ps4 it would have been true am I right ?

mikeslemonade3627d ago

"Steam and environments were unreal. Gameplay also looked to be solid. Sold!"

I know I will buy the game. I bought Watchdogs afterall..

Still doesn't mean the game will meet expectations. Anything Ubisoft puts out is suspect. They're just known for putting out above-average to good games.

ziggurcat3627d ago

holy crap, there's no way that this article should have been approved if misterx was the "source", then...

BG115793627d ago

Have any of MisterXmedia ever turned out correct?
I know this is an Rumor Piece, but common...
How was this approved? No really how????

fr0sty3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

We've all seen the game, and it looks amazing. Easily one of the best looking games coming to any system. As such, a demo on X1 should also look amazing, even if not running at the same resolution and framerate as PS4 or PC.

Just because a system may have to scale things back to run an amazing looking game, it isn't always going to be enough of a scaleback to keep it from looking amazing.

We all know Blu-Ray HD, or even broadcast HD, is far better than Netflix, between 2-5 times the bitrate of netflix video, however that hasn't stopped netflix from selling enough subscriptions to make cable and satellite providers wet their pants and begin throttling their bandwidth until netflix agreed to pay their ransom.

mark3214uk3626d ago

dont hold your breath it was probably running on pc not xbox one

sonarus3626d ago

Even more likely than running on pc, ms pr stunts

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imt5583627d ago ShowReplies(1)
700p3627d ago

This is definitely some great news!

fr0sty3626d ago

Just pray your username doesn't end up having anything to do with it...

Evilsnuggle3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

This is great new that my most wanted game The Division looks great on x1 . This means it will look even better on PS4 . Because the vast majority of mutil platform games perform better on PS4 . Be it resolution , higherer frames , more stability frame rates , better AA , or better lightening and shadows .

" Doesnt surprise me,The Division is being built on xbox one first..Only if they use the dedicated servers instead of gimping it to P2P.."

Why would any develop use weaker hardware x1 as a lead platform . The developer announced back in may 2014 . Thats PS4 was the lead platform for the Division .

PS4 lead platform for Tom Clancy's: The Division, "Most powerful hardware, Snowdrop Engine works better": Dev

In a recent inteview to GameReactor Eu, Massive Entertainment denied the rumor and said Playstation 4 is the more powerful hardware and is easier to work for.

"That's not correct. PlayStation 4 is the more powerful hardware and we feel it is easier to develop for. Snowdrop works better on PS4 and even if Microsoft do want us to shift lead platform that's not something that has happened." said Massive Entertainment.

The delusion of some fanboys

I know fanboys will down play 50% more GPU cores and 30% real world preformace benchmarked PS4 GPU vs x1 GPU digital foundry . Thats not take in account the PS4 advantage in GDRR5 unified memory architecture vs slower DDR3 and more complex small 32 mb architecture . Also PS4 huge advantage in ACEs vs x1 . PS4 8 ACEs vs 2 ACEs 400% advantage PS4 .

I can't wait for The Division and the Wicther 3 .


Hardcore_gamerxbox3627d ago

Woow some body is good at copy and paste

GearSkiN3627d ago

Oh god another PlayStation guy... Smh.

christocolus3627d ago

@evilsnuggle&the gang

You just had to go offtopic didn't you? This is an article about the xbox version of the division, what does ACEs,Gddr5, SpUs and GPu have to do with it? You just had to drag in the ps4 into this. If you wanna brag about 400000% raw power advantage why not go do it in a ps4 article,where you will be applauded for your efforts. This is an xbox article doubt any one cares about all that. You guys are amazing.

3626d ago
lunatic00013626d ago

If Xbox 1 is weak why also use another weak system like the ps4 as the lead platform when we all know it will run and look better on pc

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Blaze9293627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

Ubilying too much so I can't trust anything until we see actual footage. Not after Watch Dogs and definitely not after what they've been doing to Tom Clancy games lately

BX813626d ago

After seeing the xb1 version of the witcher I have high hopes for this game.

FanboyKilla3627d ago ShowReplies(2)
mcarsehat3627d ago

So, because it's an Xbox related source, he's untrustworthy.

None of these douchebag insiders are trustworthy, yet they still appear in the news as being reliable.

Just ignore them, but you can't if it involves a precious playstation.

How do you think i feel? I have to get this so called "news" for both next gen consoles.

3626d ago
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Majin-vegeta3627d ago

An insider source from "misterxmedia"

Hate to break it to you but MisterX has no indsiders. He is the insider who makes up all this BS.


Neonridr3627d ago

what about Justin Robey though. Is he not to be trusted?