PSX Extreme: Project Origin Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "Although F.E.A.R ended up being inferior on the PlayStation 3, were not about to hold that against Monolith for their upcoming title, Project Origin. Were all allowed a little slip-up or two, especially when it comes to very new and very complex hardware. However, in our estimation, the grace period is over, and were expecting nothing but good things from this latest survival/horror adventure blended with a first-person shooter. F.E.A.R, despite its shortcomings on Sonys platform, lived up nicely to its name and provided gamers with a creepy and atmospheric experience that gripped us from the start and never let go. And now, thanks to some new details from IGN UK featuring interviews with a couple Monolith team members, we have enough information to formulate a preview. First up, if you were a fan of that aforementioned dark FPS, you may or may not like the following fact: Monolith wont be focusing so much on the supernatural this time around."

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