Game Prices, In Store And Online

So this has been something that has been bugging us at AGR for years now. It hasn’t effected us in some time though as we’ve been buying a lot more digital games than physical goods from game stores, but last night has drove us to write this article today.

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SaveFerris2589d ago

I try to buy online but I do get annoyed at GAME claiming exclusive DLC and collectors editions. I really can't stand retailer specific DLC.

abradley2589d ago

Agreed, just sometimes I don't plan on getting a particular game so don't order it online ready for day one.

As for exclusive DLC and items, I have to agree with you there too. It gets ridiculous when each store gives one or two specific items away if you go with them. Completely pointless and DLC is often just as useless.

bunt-custardly2588d ago

I think GAME cite the reasons for the price hike as higher overheads compared to online retailers. They also prey on the fact that you get the game in your hands instantly rather than having to wait for the post.

It sucks but dems the breaks. Personally I would boycott the store and enter at my own peril. In this day and age, it's the prudent and savvy consumer who shops around that wins.

abradley2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

I can understand that they have costs to pay for but it seems odd that they would take it out on consumers not long after a serious financial situation.

Also, the PS3 and 360 copies of this exact game where £30 brand new. That's a £25 hike over last gen.

They also send out online games for free with next day delivery which must cost them something. Yet they can provide the game at a reasonable price.

I have since noticed that the PSN store has the game for £60 which again is absurd. I guess game prices are going to just get silly until games stop being sold.

I agree with you and usually I would but trade in's can only be done at Game for new games. Otherwise I would have done this online.

Matt6662587d ago

I thought most people by now would understand why its cheaper to by online instead of in store.

Some of the reasons why it cheaper to by online is because they don't have to pay rent on a shop, less storage costs, less staff to pay.

starrman19852588d ago

GAME are incredibly greedy, their infrastructure is also a complete mess at the moment, in-store it isn't too bad but their phone and online service constantly miss inform!

I used to work for Gamestation a few years back, loved it - great company to work for. Until GAME decided to buy it out, over expand and ultimately go into administration. Lots of my friends lost their jobs due to the damned company getting too greedy!

The only time I use GAME now is if I want something urgently, I'll always price match some games to CEX (which ultimately works out about the same as buying online but ah well..)

abradley2588d ago

Hey Starrman1985, I miss the good old Gamestation. Great employee's, great second hand game prices and you rarely got ripped off.

I really do wish Gamestation had survived rather than Game but I guess we can't have everything in life.

What we need is some more retail competetion to put Game in its position. My mate has a Granger Games near his and they are far better than Game, we just need more stores for people to use instead of Game.

starrman19852588d ago

Yes, a lot of my colleges moved to Grainger after GAME bought out the company - I think 90% of Grainger in Leeds is ex-Gamestation employees haha

DarkEnergy2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

I got WatchDogs(£49.99) in store as well as The Last of Us (£40.00) and they are both cheaper online, didn't have the money to preorder.

It's expensive being a gamer in the UK.

Edit: I also have an Xpressgames in my town but they are just as bad, apart from the price online is the same as in store.....£49.99

matt1392588d ago

I use GAME when they have exclusive preorder dlc that i like (i.e. vanguard armoury for destiny)
For everything else i use shopto and amazon.

matt1392588d ago

Diablo 3 for x1 is £60 on the xbl marketplace!!

abradley2588d ago

Same for Sony unfortunately. What happened to digital games being cheaper?

Tidybrutes2588d ago

I dont get why people just dont shop online, ive used shopto for years and if you preorder you get it the day before release 99% of the time.

Last week I ordered Rayman Legends at 20 past 5 in the evening on a friday and had it the next morning.

Why pay more when you can just wait one day?

abradley2588d ago

I know I just didn't plan on getting it day one. Decided on the day that I really fancied playing it with some mates so made the splash. Otherwise I would usually plan ahead and get it cheaper online.

I know, waiting a day doesn't sound like much but when you don't get much holiday to enjoy games, waiting that extra day really does kill your joy of gaming.

Urzusix2588d ago

Because some people like shopping in a store with real people to talk to? I would personally miss it

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