Top 10 Best Premium iOS Games Of July

Check out the top 10 paid games to appear on the App Store during July, as put together by Grab It.

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SlappingOysters3139d ago

Really excellent list; what a great month it was for iOS gaming. I think they got number one right, too. Go Donut Games.

shipnabottle3139d ago

Yeah traps n gemstones is easily the best platform game I've played on iOS for a long time. So good.

CoyoteHunter3139d ago

Whew, it was a pretty big month with some hard hitting titles on there. Haven't played Monster Hunter but I've heard it's a beast of a game. But really loving that Traps made it at number 1. Such an awesome game!

SlappingOysters3138d ago

If you get into Monster Hunter, you'll never play anything else.

Cookiebex3139d ago

GReat List! Busy weekend of sitting around on my backside playing on the iPad I dare say