What's In A Name: Titles vs. Critics

Does there come a point in a franchise's history where the name itself is capable of overriding the critic feedback? If MGS4 scored lower than expected, would it have a significant impact on sales? PSXE wonders...

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Le-mo3778d ago

No offense but when did PSX became a major gaming site? I never heard of the site until now.

Domenikos3778d ago

Anyone who gave a negative review to MGS4 is a hater/clueless/bias site/reviewer. Specially after giving 10s to Halo 3 or GTA4.


FAQS3778d ago

Q: hater/clueless/bias site/reviewer?
A: Exactly what I think! I agree whith you MGS4=Epic!

theKiller3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

exactly!! no one can accept a game of the century the best game ever made to get less than halo 3 with all it flaws and GTA4 with all its flaws!! u r talking about 50GB vs 7GB??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its the best game mankind ever made so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kindi_boy3778d ago

i think it wont simply because almost all gaming writers lost their credibility.

LJWooly3778d ago

Believe it or not, people just follow whatever reviewer tells them what they want to hear. Tons of MGS fans on this site were quick to dismiss EDGE and Eurogamer (which I shall concede both suck) as biased and not credible when they gave it 8's, but as soon as IGN gave it a 10, "they just regained their credibility".
It's not really fair, is it?

I'm still curious as to what the reactions will be if Gamespot give the game a 10. It'll ceratinly be funny to watch, that's for sure.

I myself am a huge fan of the game, but my opinion isn't as easily swayed as that, I lost my faith in videogames journalism ages ago, and that won't change, simply because I start hearing what I want to. I believe that would make me a sheep.

theKiller3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

u need to wake up a bit!!!
we called the reviewing sites less bias when they gave 10/10 to MGS4 because we know if by their standard GTA4 and halo 3 is 10/10 then MGS4 should be at least 11/10!! and we also know that the media is somehow bias against ps3 exclusives so seeing sites and media breaking their hate toward ps3 exclusive means that MGS4 even for the haters and bias is a perfect game and they cant twist that!!

eurogamers, edge, dalygame(what ever) giving the game 8/10 for reasons what makes games such a great games!! cut-scenes is a bad thing? since when? well if it was haze style cut scenes then yes i would agree but its like a movie cut-scenes!! how can that be bad? if its too long u can pause it or skip it!! so the problem is solved!!
another thing is too complicated story, well for any sequel game u must play or read some of the story elements in the prequels and also every MGS game there is an option that describes what happened in the past so u know whats going on, so whats their problem anyway?
when they give it a score they should keep in mind its an action stealth adventure game!! not first or third person shooter game!!!!!!!!!

BubblesDAVERAGE3778d ago

I honestly believe its just because its a ps3 exclusive and they all wanted it on the 360...and there a bit sour because so for so beyond great

Deadpool1013778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

@ Domenikos

You are proof that review scores cant stop a game from selling well. This site is full of PS3 owners who have been claiming MGS4 is the greatest game ever played weeks before its release and labeling any reviewer as a hater/clueless or bias if they gave the game less than perfect (hello 8 is still a good score!). Lets face it, this game was going to sell loads purely because the PS3 needs a great, not just a reakky good game like Uncharted but a great game. Whats irritating is that for every normal ps3 owner who just enjoys gaming there are 25 obsessive fanboys screaming that MGS4 is the seconding coming and that HALO 3 is the work of the devil (whether they have played them or not), deperate to prove they made the correct choice in consoles. The hype this game got was purely down to fanboys from both sides of the console wars. Im just glad this game turned out so well it should keep the fanboys off the net at least for a little while, if only Ninja Gaiden 2 was good enough to do the same for the 360 fanboys too.

kevnb3778d ago

Ninja Gaiden 2 is great, although definitely not for everyone. I cant imagine some 15 year-old xbox fanboy actually being able to get anywhere in the game.

Domenikos3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

Im not an xbox owner but i play a lot of 360 with my folks. I actually played Halo 3 (campaign of course) great game, great multiplayer. i finished GTA4 (multiplat) and i loved it. Ive been playing MGS4 for 10-12 hours and I can say you (hands down) that the 8 reviews are just not justified or simply they are contradictory. They really need to wash their hands and deal with their standards.

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