Gamespot Final Fantasy IV Hands-On

Lark Anderson writes:

''Final Fantasy IV (originally known as Final Fantasy II in the US) has seen a number of rereleases throughout the years, the most recent of them appearing on the GBA as Final Fantasy IV Advance. However, not content with mere ports, Square Enix has decided to completely remake this epic adventure from the ground up similarly to what they did with Final Fantasy III. The end result is a fully 3D game that looks better than ever and includes several new gameplay features such as voice acting, but is still unmistakably Final Fantasy IV.

FFIV tells the tale of Cecil, the Lord Captain of the Red Wings of the kingdom of Baron. As a youth, Cecil was taken in by the king of Baron, who raised him to be a just and honorable knight. However, that same kindhearted mentor has suddenly transformed into a cold and power-hungry tyrant, and Cecil begins to doubt the righteousness of his actions. On orders from his king, Cecil leads Baron's air force in a surprise strike against the friendly city of Mysidia to steal their sacred crystal, and torn between his honor and his duty, he openly questions his king's motives. Displeased by his lord captain's lack of faith, the king strips Cecil of his command and orders him to travel to the village of Mist, where he is to deliver a ring to its elders. This simple errand kicks off a world-spanning journey of redemption for Cecil, and along the way he is embroiled in a battle for the fate of the entire world.''

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