GameSpy: Final Fantasy IV Preview

The most important aspect of FF4, its story, has remained relatively intact. This is still the memorable tale of Cecil, a dark knight who can't come to terms with the cruel orders of his king, and his transformation into a hero. It's also a story of love and friendship, starring a unique cast of characters, each with their own custom classes and abilities.

The story is enhanced by a moving soundtrack by Nobuo Uematsu, whose themes from this game are capable of stirring powerful memories. This remake by Matrix Software presents the original game in a new way, stripping out the sprites and replacing them with new polygonal visuals, as well as making a few tweaks in other areas, like adding voice acting and new cut-scenes. But do these changes run more than skin-deep?

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PS360WII3871d ago

"The previously troublesome item limit has been removed, so now the fat chocobo serves a new purpose, as the storehouse for the game's bonus features. You can watch cut-scenes, listen to your favorite audio tracks, or access the bestiary to learn about the game's many creatures."

Being able to re-watch cut-scenes is pretty cool and listen to audio tracks isn't bad either.

So looking forward to this and I do hope it brings in a new crowd to the classic FF's ^^