Lords of the Fallen | AUTOMATON First Impression

AUTOMATON's Charles Battersby takes an early look at Lords of the Fallen, the upcoming Hack-and-Slash from Deck13 Interactive in collaboration with CI Games.

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boing13082d ago

Game looks very promising.

Ezz20133082d ago

i can't wait for this game
look great

lonelyplayer3082d ago

Hack and slash? I don't think so.

riverside6663077d ago

aRPG So think before you hit as opposed to Hack and slash strike anywhere, and so sooner or later kill the enemy: D I think that h'n's is not enough enemies, and enemies are more endured. Lotf will be a good game! I feel it, and rarely wrong - allegedly.

Joher3082d ago

I can't wait to this game too. Lords of the Fallen looks very promising and I hope it will be big challenge to players with good experience.

ThePowerpuffGirl3081d ago

It has long been LoF looks promising. And with every material only confirms their potential. I look forward with great anticipation. I really like this newly shown boss with glowing swords, dropping fireballs. Well, nobody said it would be easy.

Aon3078d ago

I agree with all of you. This game have potential. Graphics looks amazing, animation and movements is very good. I'm very interesting how many weapons and sets we will have to choose in this game.

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