Latest Leak for Super Smash Bros Could Reveal Bowser Jr, Duck Hunt Dog and Shulk as Playable

'In a leak coming out of 4chan tonight, supposed screens of the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros from the ESRB have been released, showing off what could be the final roster for the new Smash Bros.'

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Abash3087d ago

Bowser Jr.?! He was one of my most wanted newcomers and I was worried he wouldnt make the cut.... please let this be legit

-Foxtrot3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

Not to mention Shulk...he has to be in it

If not then it's just a missed opportunity

However...Doctor Mario? I mean come on, they aren't that stupid to use him as a character again. He could easily be a skin for Mario.

randomass1713086d ago

I don't think this is real anyway. The way they organized the character select screen is... off. Shulk is in the same row as the third party characters.

thehobbyist3086d ago

You say that but Doctor Mario was one of the unfinished characters on the Brawl disc.

lizard812883086d ago


leaker said he hasn't unlocked everybody

badz1493086d ago

Duck hunt Dog? What's he gonna do? Laugh you to death? Meh...if Wii Fit girl is already in, it won't be a surprise if anything else will be included at this point.

weekev153086d ago

Hell probably have a shotgun and do some range attacks. Could be epic if true.

Blacktric3086d ago

"What's he gonna do? Laugh you to death?"

All I care about is the fact that I'll get to beat the sh*t out of him after all these years of hating his guts.

All those memories of trying to play Duck Hunt with a broken gun... Still hurts today.

badz1493086d ago


first of all, "shotgun" and "range" don't come hand in hand. you want shotgun, you sacrifice range and if you want range, don't choose shotgun.

second, the only shotgun that damn mofo deserve is the one use to blow his head off! I'm still wondering why they didn't make it possible to shoot the dog every once in a while in the original game for bonus point or something? If that happen, I bet no one will care for the ducks anymore and they have to change the name of the game to "Dog PWNED!"

SilentNegotiator3086d ago


But a shotgun is still a ranged attack.

weekev153086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

I agree but its still a range attack when compared to boxing gloves or a sword. It was shotguns in duck hunt right? I vaguely remember a spray pattern on the screen. Dont understand why the dog gets so much hate. I used to love him... could end up being my main. Nah nothing can replace yoshi, eating people and pooping them out is where its at.

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3-4-53086d ago

Shulk & that Sword HAS to be in.

With the new X game, it would tie in nicely and bring some more awareness to Xenoblade Chronicles & X.

Worked for the Fire Emblem series in the US.

Shnazzyone3086d ago

I'm pretty skeptical. Duck hunt dog makes me worry about the authenticity here. Bowser Jr. does seem like a natural though.

Monster_Tard3086d ago

In the picture of the character select screen, it's obviously of a offline match since it's shows the CPU's being selected, yet I don't see an option to select a Mii fighter, which I thought were useable offline. I'm guessing this is fake.

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KimikoGaming3087d ago

If Bowser Jr makes it in, I hope he gets several of the Koopalings as alts.

LOL_WUT3087d ago

Agreed but I'd also hope to see a Koopa Troopa or a paratroopa being included ;)

marloc_x3087d ago

Duck Hunt dog would finish those two clowns.. :)

LOL_WUT3086d ago

A mutt winning a round against the koopas? Hah nice joke ;)

lizard812883086d ago

supposedly they ride around in the Koopa Klown Car. The Koopalings are his alts

Relientk773087d ago


Shulk better be in it, that would be awesome!

Hassassin3086d ago

More exited about Shulk definately

RmanX10003087d ago

The only oddity i see is the Duck Hunt Dog... But i guess if Sakurai's going all out...

cl19833087d ago

Finally we can kill that stupid dog.

SpiralTear3087d ago

...Duck Hunt Dog?

That's fake.

admiralvic3087d ago

The beauty of the Duck Hunt Dog is that he is so random and out there that it seems preposterous to even suggest him as playable, much less make fake images of him, which in turn adds a sense of doubt. Same sort of logic happened with the PS All-Stars Battle Royale Round 2 rumor. People thought that too much effort went into something so random that it had to be true.

With that being said, I have absolutely no clue how that character would play, but am slightly intrigued by the notion.

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