Military Themed Xbox One Accessories [KKEnt]

Kuma Wrote: Coming soon to a system near you which might be in time for some FPS action (doesn’t have to be just for FPS games). The all new military accessories coming to the Xbox One.

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cfc781554d ago

I think im down for one of these should go well with the black exterior of the XB1 without looking over the top.

jimjam34421554d ago ShowReplies(1)
LackTrue4K1554d ago

that's one thing Microsoft has over Sony hands down...
...they got there console/game theme on check!

jimjam34421554d ago Show
Naga1554d ago

Why hello there, second controller.

BX811554d ago

Meh. Im going to hold out for the cod controller.

ovnipc1554d ago

Me too. The cod controller looks great.

BX811554d ago

Agreed. I would like this controller in dessert cammo. I really hope the gears controller looks great. U know they're going to release one. Actually now that I think about it, hopefully they have a halo special edition console..... ok my wallet is going to be hurting.