US Video Game Sales Soar By Piggybacking PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, And Hot New Titles

According to the NPD Group, sales for the video game industry increased by 16 percent last month on the back of soaring hardware sales. Software sales declined, however, as gamers look forward to the upcoming titles for the holiday season. Sales of video game hardware and software in the United States increased by 16 percent last month, increasing to $514.3 million compared to $443.1 million in July of last year, according to the NPD Group.

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All_Consoles2595d ago

This is something positive for all gamers but somehow a fan war will erupt here. I just know it

mikeslemonade2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

It's called the "console cycle". The people who keep saying consoles are doomed should study the "console cycle".

This should come as no suprise. Just like when it rains, the water is distributed on the ground, then the sun comes up to evaporate the water back into the air, then the clouds form up, and so forth.

If the X1 and the WiiU can hold up this generation, it will be greater than last generation. 3DS and PS4 should more than enough beat last generation.

700p2595d ago

watari, you're giving sony fanboys a bad name.

2595d ago
WeAreLegion2595d ago

Fantastic! I didn't know what to expect coming into this generation, but the industry is bigger than ever. :) It's great to see the "Big Three" all doing well. Same with PC gaming. It continues to grow.

Now, we just need VR!

WeAreLegion2595d ago

"According to Sony, they led Microsoft by a "considerable margin," with Jitendra Waral, a Bloomberg Intelligence analyst, stating that Sony sold double the number of PlayStation 4 units in July compared to Microsoft's 5 million units of Xbox One sold during the month."

Wow. 5 million Xbox One's in one month? Way to go, Microsoft!