10 Hard To Find Video Games

Everyone has heard of stories of somebody buying a tattered old box full of junk at a garage sale for $6, only to open it and find some sort of rarity. Believe it or not this happens a lot with old video games. I’m going to name ten rare video games that are worth holding onto or if you really wanted to, sell for a nice price. So dig into that box in the attic that you forget to throw out and make sure you don’t have one of these bad boys hidden in there, chances are they are worth big bucks.

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Yi-Long2595d ago

Wow, I've seen Rock Band Beatles quite a few times selling for cheap here in Dutch stores. Kinda makes me sad for not picking it up. I believe it even sold for 50 euro at some places.

I've got some sealed Bioshock-statue (Big Daddy) SE's lying around, as well as a bunch of sealed Halo-ODST + controller bundles, plus I picked up a Japanese first pressing SE of Forza 4 last year, also sealed.

I've also got a bunch of other stuff, like the Bioshock 2 SE (don't know what's in it), and the 2 Splinter Cell Sam Fisher statues, but nothing from the list...

I think the rarest thing I own is probably either a sealed copy of the directors cut of My Sassy Girl (3-disc heart Yupgi edition), of which there were about 2000 released, and an opened release of Battle Royale, including rare film-cell, of which there were also only about 2000 I believe, or perhaps 10.000. Not sure.