Should Video Games Go On Your Resume?

The question is, does it work? Or is it a risk, given that even in this day and age, avid gaming unfortunately still comes with a stigma of laziness and immaturity? The general feeling seems to be that while the skills acquired by certain types of gaming are real, it might be problematic to actually include them on your resume. If you’re working at a hip start-up, it might give you a coolness factor that could make you stand out, in addition to the skills you proclaim it’s helped you develop. But when applying for more traditional jobs, it’s a pretty big gamble that HR hiring personnel are going to be gamers themselves, and respect all the time you’ve invested in a virtual world.

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iamnsuperman2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

The problem is
A: Hard to actually prove
B: Shows a high level of distraction if the job you are applying for isn't game related.

My advice don't put irrelevant rubbish on your CV/cover letter. If your writing about gaming showing your leadership, teamwork....and your current job doesn't then something has fundamentally gone wrong.

Yi-Long2595d ago

Finishing Ninja Gaiden Black and Super Meat Boy should simply be enough to warrant you every job you would want.

pandehz2594d ago

Playing fifa with one hand too?

FarEastOrient2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

I spend several hours playing civilization and total war games. I also work for the military, somehow dominating the virtual world doesn't look good on a resume with real weapon systems. :)

Mikelarry2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

i put in my hobbies i like to game, i might be a minority if a job is going to deny me a position because i have a hobby outside working hours then they can keep that job. if my hobby is not affecting my role at work then they have nothing fear.

to those saying no dont do it, this is why you have references who they can ask about your work ethics

iamnsuperman2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

That is a sign of a weak CV. Your hobbies need to follow the three rules.

1 relevant in someway to the job (transferable skills)
2 Provable (through qualifications and strong references. Dudebro69 isn't a strong reference)
3 Outgoing and interesting (gaming is in the same league as watching TV or films. A lot of people do it)

Your CV needs to stand out so they want to ask your references about you. When an application comes in it either goes in the interested pile or the bin. Adding gaming is a weak hobby to add. You don't fill act with everything you do just the interesting stuff. You are trying to sell yourself not write a auto biography

Mikelarry2594d ago

@ iamnsuperman

you call it weak or whatever but hey it has got me interviews with the below companies

Sony,Square enix and my current job (1/2nd line support)

gaming has nothing to do with my role and when i go to said interviews twice the interviewers have said they don't get alot of people saying they are gamers and even sometimes ask me about what games i am currently playing etc.

MRMagoo1232594d ago

Yeh .........I don't think the fact you put gaming in your hobbies are why you got interviews or a job tho, I can bet that you would gave gotten them without it.

Imagine trying to get a job in London and putting gaming as a skill , you might as well not turn up to the interview.

The way I see gaming is nothing to brag about or have some big head about (for an example of that check wow forums where "hardcore" raiders chat) , it wouldn't have much relevance to many jobs at all and trying to put it in a resume just to seem different or cool is sad.

Mikelarry2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

@ MRMagoo123

i work in london, my interviews have all been in london in-fact they have all been in central london.

its not bragging i am just listing my hobbies and the fact that gaming is one of my hobbies i put that in my CV.

how can someone listing their hobbies on a CV be labelled as sad??? but i digress. guys write your CV the way you feel, mine works for me

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Mikelarry2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

double post sorry

jujubee882594d ago

That would be so awesome. Damn you, real world and business men in your .. erm, suits.

Seriously though, I'd hire someone with a decent background in the job and that can dungeon grind the hell out of an RPG game. ^_^

MWH2594d ago

trust me, don't do it.

Dannycr2594d ago

Hello good sir, here are some of my qualifications:

1- Princess rescuer.
2- Puzzle solver.
3- World/Galaxy/heaven savior.
4- Proficient with any and all weapons like: guns, rifles, swords, maces, etc
5- Master magician.
6- Vampire hunter.
7- Intergalactic bounty hunter.
8- Hero of time.
9- Best pilot in the galaxy.
10- Master martial artist.

mydyingparadiselost2594d ago

But can you lift up to 40 lbs and type at least 30 wpm? Also I notice that being a master werewolf is missing, does this mean you would be available for nights?

Kevlar0092594d ago

99.9% of the time playing games is for fun, with some complex memorization and mechanics to perform. Maybe if you're a Top 5 Starcraft 2 player you can explain how you're an excellent multi-tasker with proficient micro-management skills. However the biggest obstacle is the interviewer having a single clue what it means to be highly skilled gamer. If you told just about any job you're graded as a Chess Grandmaster I'm sure many will understand how smart and creative you are. With a video game you'll probably get laughed at.

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