Saints Row 2 Exclusive Hands-on

Gameplayer has gone live with an exclusive hands-on look at upcoming open-world gangsta game Saints Row 2. It goes into detail about how you can customise the world, the mini-games from the trailer and how it plays.

"It's no GTAIV but, nevertheless, the game is a hell of a lot of fun. Saint's Row 2 does just fine, having a lot of character and keeping up with the big dog with its customisation and multiplayer options. Competition is stiff, but SR2 seems real."

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3778d ago
edhe3778d ago

Saints Row is not gta, of course not. Same as oblivion isn't mass effect.

Same Genre, different games.

Gawd i hate it when people think that there 'can only be one' per genre.

Certainly doesn't stay like that in other media: eg. pop music..

TheFritoBandito3778d ago

agreed SR2 is going to be a good game just like SR1 was /is I can't wait.

flying vehicles
some destructible environments
wacky tools of destruction
and more

jkhan3778d ago

Saints Row 1 was a good game, I really enjoyed it, lets see how this one turn out.