Wasteland 2, Sequel to Fallout's Predecessor, Launches on September 19 After 26 Years

Wasteland 2 finally got a release date 26 years later.

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edqe3087d ago

Already played beta and it is simply great. I really liked how the development work was done with gamers; very good communication during the development process.

This game is Fallout 3 to me.

These types of games are too slow, complex and less console-friendly for bigger publishers to publish. Fortunately we have Kickstarter and Early Access and they will bring us more of these types of games in near future.

GhostTurtle3086d ago

Thats what I love about kick starter. You got all these old school devs coming out from under the rocks again and taking folks back to school. These devs simple do not give a f*** about the hold-your-hand games that have come in the last 10-15 years. Straight old school on a modern plate.

You got this, the new Divinity, Pillars of Eternity, the new Torment, just to name a few. Its great to see these devs are getting the support they deserve.

mcroddi3085d ago

Very cool - can't wait!