Nintendo sues Nyko over Wii nunchuk controller


"Nintendo has filed a lawsuit against peripherals manufacturer Nyko over its wireless Kama Nunchuk controller for the Wii.

According to this Bloomberg report, this is the first time that Nintendo has sued over a Wii accessory.

Nintendo's complaint alleges that Nyko's controller "wholly appropriates the novel shape, design, overall appearance and even the color and materials used in the Nintendo Nunchuk controller.""

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ohhthegore3871d ago

Crap are they going to stop making these? I've been meaning to pick one up

PoSTedUP3871d ago

the wii motes not wireless?

they didnt even go somewhat nexgen.

they're a lost cause in the end.

madness3871d ago

do someone needs MORE money?

mikeslemonade3871d ago

I was going to buy one set of these too. I'm not spending $60 for the wiimote and nunchuk 1st party controllers. As far as i'm concerned the two darn things should be packaged together.

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The story is too old to be commented.