UT3 for 360 to Feature Split-Screen, Exclusive Content, and GoW2 Preview

Apparently, to make up for the lack of user-generated content, Epic has thrown in a few exclusive bits to the Xbox 360 version of Unreal Tournament III. Oh, and the disc will also contain a sneak peek at Gears of War 2.

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red_ring_of_death3782d ago

who cares mods are 100x better

Twizlex3782d ago

I agree, but at least they are throwing 360 owners some kind of bone. I thought it was funny the line "I’ll be the judge of how thrilled I am about your game, thanks."

Ripten makes me laugh.

Nostradavis3782d ago

The real question is ... who is chomping up all that bandwith??

pharmd3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

mods are fun but DAMN i wish i had split screen!!!!!

great news for a great game!

mikeslemonade3782d ago

Nope don't need split screen. If you want to play against me on UT3 you must buy another system and the game.

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Whoooop3782d ago

at least they are giving an incentive to buy the game. Splitscreen and Gears 2 preview are good additions.

The Karate Kid3782d ago

The real question is why didn't the PS3 die? oops Sony Does It Again and Again

Shadow Man3782d ago

It would be cool if it was a GoW2 demo. Now that the MGS4 hype is over lets focus on GoW2.

RecSpec3782d ago

Or more precisely the showdown between GeOW2 and Resistance 2.

It's inevitable.

deeznuts3782d ago

GoW2 came out last march!

Max Power3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

i made a comment on this article on riptens website (under Guy Incognito) about the acronyms and i got blasted from a person dubbed "360fan" and the author of the article Dan Landis. Dan says and i quote "I’ve never seen anyone in the history of forever abbreviate Gears of War like GeoW. You’re crazy, Guy." So i went on to explain how the video game media coined the acronym GoW for God of War, and all the rest that goes with that story.

Twizlex3781d ago

I don't think God of War has the sole rights to GoW, and it didn't look like he blasted you, just disagreed.

Nevers3781d ago

I think of Geometry Wars ...cuz it's like my "crack".

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GiantEnemyCrab3782d ago

"Cliffy Blaznats will also offer some color commentary on an exclusive, as yet unseen video preview of the upcoming Gears of War 2."

That guy never misses a chance to get some camera attention. If that isn't incentive enough to pass on this game I dunno what is. LOL

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