DLB-Network: Is the Xbox360 Dead? Or does it have more in the tank?

This year the Xbox360 only has 3 big titles and that's Ninja Gaiden 2 that's out right now, Fable II, & Gears of War 2 which will be coming this fall 2008. Those are the three top games for the Xbox360 for the year of 2008 and to be truthful that is a very unimpressive line-up compared to there rival Playstation 3 which has seen the likes of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, and what many are calling the Game of the Year; Metal Gear Solid 4, those two titles alone are huge Playstation Brand titles that we have already seen within the first 6 months of 2008 and with more big titles to come this fall it only gets better.

So what does this mean for the Xbox360? Do they have big titles coming?

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pwnsause3779d ago

nice DLB stories, this guy is more credible than the staff at xboxkings HHAHAHAHAHAHA

LastDance3779d ago

why is every1 writing about how the xbox is dead?...even if its not thats not good news.

Shadow Man3779d ago

I think this makes the #88 RROD and Xbox death article publish here in N4G.

LastDance3779d ago

Microsoft seem hell-bent on proving things...thats all they do..just try to prove stuff. There practise seems very unbalanced.

marionz3779d ago

i also dont understand why people like to think the 360 is dead, im really looking forward to the exclusive titles coming this year, and a few of the multi plat games too.

i dont know if its just part and parcel of the whole fanboy hate campaign or if there really are people out there deluded enough to think the 360 is doomed, but considering the ammount of crap ms has had to wipe off there face since the console was launched its still in a hell of a good place at the moment, if 360 was going to be killed off it would have happened a long time ago.

sure the hardware has had its issues, im not a fanboy and not going to defend ms on that one, but i will defend the fact that they have some top quality games released and more to come, i do believe the games are what has kept the console going through all the bashing and negative press, but imagine the position they would be in had they not had hardware issues!

im open to owning any console if it offers the games im interested in playing, i was going to get a ps3 but just changed my mind, only because i realised that 360 has me covered for the year, just bought blue dragon and by the time i finish that there will be viva pinata banjo and gears 2, so the ps3 will just wait till next year now, but with games like mgs im looking forward to picking one up.

anyway no i dont think 360 is dead, you would have to be blind to think it is, and im sure it will keep pulling tricks out of the bag over the next few years.

Condoleezza Rice3779d ago

Gears?Definitely.Fable?If Molyneux can DELIVER on the promises with this,then it'll be a success.But I have to say;Ninja Gaiden 2 shouldn't be up there.This game is a MAJOR disappointment for me and a lot of other friends who bought the game,not only does it NOT outdo the first one,but I'm afraid to say that after playing this game,I'm not looking forward to NG3.

The Camera is simply,horrible.The enemies are repetitive and simple to execute(I have ONLY died once or twice in Boss fights),and the story is,quite frankly,laughable.I'll probably write my NG2 review and post it,but for those that want to know what I would score it,see the attached pic.

Anyways,the Xbox 360 isn't dead,it's just that there's only 1 real big game for the console this year.Here's to hoping Epic deliver another good one!

OOG3779d ago

lmao how about playing the game in a difficult mode and trying to say the game isnt hard

gnothe13779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

come on Ms. rice. i understand you dont think that NG2 isnt a blockbuster game but you start to loose alot of cred when you say this game doesnt outdue the first game. I got both an NG2 easily outdoes sigma. graphically there very similiar but... everything is more or bigger. theres more blood splat, body parts that liter the ground an dont just disappear after 30 seconds ,ninja stars stick in the wall an dont just bounce off, little details like that. so dont try an make it seems as if sigma is better in anyway than NG2. an as far as the camera goes its basically the same camera problems thats found in NG, NG black, NG sigma an now NG2. so just quit it please!!

Condoleezza Rice3779d ago

When I stated it doesn't outdo the first,I wasn't referring to the amount of content included;I was referring to the core gameplay and gameplay mechanics,you know,the actual action and fighting.Not whether or not there's more Blood in it.

The camera in NG1 was the biggest problem for me;It just did not handle the action well.Sadly,the same problem that existed in NG1 is still existent in NG2,and this is a complete let down.

Graphics and graphical effects=Good,but nothing to write home about.Whereas NG1 was one of the most graphically impressive games on the original Xbox,NG2 doesn't do the same for the Xbox 360.

So anyways;Ninja Gaiden 1=Easily one of the best Action games of last gen,it brought a fighting system that was revolutionary for its time that worked almost perfectly due to the intensity of the action.The only drawback-Horrible Camera.
Ninja Gaiden 2=All I'll say is,I'm greatly disappointed by the game.I'll go into specifics once I get around to writing my full review of the game.

SpecialSauce3779d ago

i'd say the only thing the Xbox has going for it this year is gears 2. but then agn thats probably all it needs. i love PS3 but gears IS THE BEST GAME EVO except of course for Metalgear.

DLB3779d ago

Now I'm not trying to be mean, but one great game a year is all you need?

I need more then one great game a year, & when I'm paying for online, I really need more then one great game a year.

TheMART3779d ago

Well DLB

Up till now every single big game in 2006 and 2007 was on the 360. This year you put a demo and MGS4 head to head on Gears 2, Fable 2 and NG2. That's no upper hand for the PS3 there.

But it makes clear you're a PS3 fanboy, thats what this 'article' cleared up for sure.

The gaming GOD3778d ago

So what Mart/Pog. You're a 360 fanboy. And we damn sure didn't need some article to 'clear' that up now did we?

It's funny how people love to call foul when they themselves are no better

MikeGdaGod3779d ago

it isn't dead. its just taking a nap.

a really really long nap.

ThanatosDMC3779d ago

It just lost its legs and an arm... also, it's bleeding to death... that's all

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