May 2008 NPD: Microsoft's Take

NPD has released its May retail sales data, and Xbox 360 continues to lead the current generation of gaming consoles. Highlights include:

"Grand Theft Auto IV" continues blistering pace on Xbox 360 platform, beating the other platform version by 2:1

With 871,000 total unit sales in May, "Grand Theft Auto IV" on Xbox 360 outsold the other platform's version 2:1. (May NPD data)

- Xbox 360 generates more dollars at retail for third party publishers

- Xbox 360 games outsell, outplay the competition

- Among 10-26 year olds, Xbox 360 gets more playing time than the Wii and PS3

- Xbox 360 E3 bound:
"Last month we showcased an all-star lineup of games including "Gears of War 2," "Fable 2," "Banjo and Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts," "Viva Piñata 2," and "Too Human." We still have quite a few aces left up our sleeve; see you at E3 next month!"

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GiantEnemyCrab3873d ago

"We still have quite a few aces left up our sleeve; see you at E3 next month!"

I sure hope so because you are back to being beat in just about every market besides the UK. The line-up you have now is decent but I fear it's not enough to shift large quantities of hardware.

Telmarine3873d ago

Didn't you used to be an Xbot?

Anyway I don't think the few aces will help much

GiantEnemyCrab3873d ago

"Using words such as Xbots and Sony droids, or other words from the console war vocabulary, is strictly prohibited in this Zone."

I know it's just a question but..

Yes I am a 360 fanboy but not to the %100 degree. I am not going to live in fantasy land and expect MS to coast to big hardware numbers. They have a fight on their hands and they need to respond big and I believe that they will. Plus I expect big considering the way the 07 line-up was huge.

Denzelio3873d ago

havn't you ever heard the saying 'stop living in the past'.
Doesn't matter whether the 07 lineup was huge, the console with the most AAA exclusives will reign supreme and if nothing else is mentioned for the 360 then we already know about then it's another year that the PS3 will dominate.

yanikins1113873d ago

giant enemy crab gets bubbles for being honest and not living in denial.

sak5003873d ago

@Giant have you lost your mojo?

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etownone3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

simply put.
Price cut. ASAP.
(a measly $50 price cut after almost 3 years?)

I thought they should have done another price cut last year when the 40gig ps3 was announced.

then i was sure there would be a price cut right before the release of GTA4.

So, now the PS3's got the momentum, people are buying ps3s knowing they can play ps2 favorites GTA4 and MGS4, plus they get a blu-ray player.

So now I'm saying there HAS to be a big price cut announced at E3.
After three years on the market, it's definitely time to hit that sweet spot for the mass market prices.
arcade $199
pro $249
elite $299

why not? the only difference between the arcade and the elite is the hard drive, which are ridiculously overpriced anyways.

mboojigga3873d ago

Bottom line for months the comments were that they needed another price drop for the first 3 months. Then the 360 didn't get outsold by the PS3 as was expected by alot of people here. I am pretty sure they know what they are doing.

trancefreak3873d ago

thats definitely a good price point there guess will have to wait a lil longer to find out.

freakyzeeky3873d ago

Is this the only pic we can use for Shane Kim? lol :P

Imallvol73873d ago

Lol, its kinda like when Qore was getting alot of press on here, the same pic was used like 10 times on the first page.

LaChance3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )


JVIDICAN3873d ago

at least there not claiming "shortages"

Breakfast3873d ago

Ladies and Gentlemen...

I claim shortages...

....of people buying the system.

Denzelio3873d ago

but we all know there is Big 'shortages' in AAA exclusives for them.

When you sumarise this article basically a single game is highlighted along with a reference about 10 year olds, and the only 2 AAA titles which are both remake FPS games yawn.

GiantEnemyCrab3873d ago

oh waitress, I wanted these eggs scrambled!

BulletToothtony3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

In reality is quite pathetic because for the last months they have been talking about hardware, and now they switch to software..

Sony should do the same when the ps3 is below they should just add the ps2, ps3 and psp numbers and say well overall we're winning.. nah nevermind that sounds pretty lame.. just as lame as what MS just did...

MARK MY WORDS!! next month Microsoft will compare the ps3 Hardware and Software sales to Halo's 3 sales... i'm 100% sure of that

It doesn't bother me that the 360 has done better than the ps3 in the US but if they would say. We are happy that the ps3 has done well it would look better on them and they wouldn't have to come up with such ridicule excuses..

And yes Tretton also shouldn't had said anything about GTA4, that's a month old game man.. let it go..

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crck3873d ago

Thats a shame I would have loved for them to use that excuse again. It would have been classic.

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