Capcom dates Onimusha, Clock Tower films

CVG reports:
" Capcom is celebrating its 25th birthday this week by slapping dates on two of its upcoming game-to-film adaptations.

Onimusha is the company's historical Japanese action series, which mainly graced the PS2. Clock Tower meanwhile, is one of the Japanese giant's lesser known survival horrors, which sees a little girl battling evil spirits."

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MK_Red3877d ago

Hopefully the Onimusha film uses the game's actor for role of Samanoske (spelling!?).

I was really looking forward to Clock Tower movie but with director of Hills Have Eyes 2 attached, I'm no longer interested.

gaminoz3876d ago

Maybe they will get Jean Reno involved too!!! Ha ha...that would be funny.

MK_Red3876d ago

That would be indeed fun but Reno is only in Onimusha 3 and unless they're gonna start with that, I don't think he will be in it.

Skerj3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

Have no fear, Takeshi Kaneshiro is on board to take his role as Samanosuke, the movie would have been an instant fail if he didn't. Almost like Hitman not using the actor Agent 47 was modelled after and who provides his voicework except on a far greater scale.

Christophe Gans is the director and I'm actually glad considering the work he did with Silent Hill. He's proven that he can stick to source material yet make it unique enough so that it's not just watching the game on the big screen. Now, off to see the Hulk and commence my MGS4 coma afterwards.

gaminoz3876d ago

Yeah...I wonder if N4G will be deserted during that MGS4 coma! I'm still waiting for my copy!

I'll give the movie a try if it comes out here in OZ.

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