How to Be A Hardcore Gamer (for Under $1500)

You've earned your stripes playing the best games, now it's time to treat yourself to making your game experience even better.

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freakyzeeky3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

$500 32" Olevia HDTV on sale
$280 7.1 Onkyo HT-SRxxx (I forget which number), was a slightly used floor model. :)
$85 for a new-ish couch at the local thrift store
$600 for new PS3 last year (60gb)
$20 for all necessary cables/hookups (monoprice rawks!)

Total= $1,485... and worth every penny. :)

Max Power3779d ago

you suck, got past the first page and gave up, does every website need to these type of "articles"?

kylegtheassman3779d ago

$1,599.99 Sony 40" 1080p Flat-Panel LCD HDTV $649.99 YAMAHA HTR-6160 7.2-Channel Digital Home Theater Receiver $599.99 Polk Audio Home Theatre Speaker System 2 $59.99 HDMI cables $600.00 60GB ps3 got a free couch Total=3569.97... and worth every penny. :) and there is still tax lol

Robearboy3779d ago

Or you could buy a ps3, an xbox 360 and a decent hd tv for about the same amount of cash (i work in £ sterling so over here a ps3 will cost £300, and xbox 360 will cost £200, and a hd tele will cost about £500 which is equivalent to around 1500 dollars )

fermcr3779d ago

You get what you pay for. 1500 you get a machine that plays games in HD and FULL HD. For 400-300 + TV you get a machine that plays most games in 600p.