MGS4 first 90 minutes = 30 minutes gameplay (possible spoilers)

With the rumour and controversy surrounding the length and amount of cut scenes in Metal Gear Solid 4, ButtonBandits decided to take a look at the first 90 minutes of the game and attempt to calculate the amount of time spent playing compared to time watching.

WARNING: Contains possible spoilers

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Violater3779d ago

And I love every freaking heart pounding second.
suck it haters

BulletToothtony3779d ago

people always refer to the halo jump in mgs3 as the most epic cinematic in a video game..

Let me tell you, if i didn't mind watching the cinematic before in ps2 graphics.. now that this game looks so freaking amazing, i would care even less.... every sentence and cinematic was well thought and nailed perfectly...

All this dirt is obviously from people who simply don't like the ps3, it's funny how they think that great cinematics are a bad thing.. it would be like laughing that a Ferrari has way too much horsepower

Genesis53779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

Well this is my first MGS game and right now I'm just getting used to the controls. One thing for sure though. I really like this game!

I like the cut scenes too. I just love a game with a great story to tell.

solidt123779d ago

Yeah it was great. Alot of Cutscenes at the begining was neccessary to get the Stoy Line going. Don't for this is the begining of the game and the Intro was pretty long but really awesome. This game may be the best game and movie I have ever seen. Im about 10 Hours into the game now. If you have a PS3 youu must Play this game. If you don't then why did you buy a PS3? This game takes advantage of everything that the PS3 has to offer up to now so you need to check it out.

GiantHstx3779d ago

For those reporting lame. I timed this on tonights first session with the game. The figures arn't made up and just because it has a lot of cut scenes doesn't mean it's a bad game in the slightest.

CViper3779d ago

Its like cutting through a movie just to get to the end.

Your loss morons.

TheXgamerLive3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

not the whole thing just like in MGS2. If I could I'd of skipped 75% of the clips.

solidt123779d ago

yeah you can skip some of them but it wouldn't be a good idea. It would riun the experiance for me but like you said, if you are that impation feel sree. I can see skipping the cutscenes after you have already beat the game but only after. This game also give you very good reason to play it more than once due to it keeping stats of all of your money. Some of the weapons cost so much that you will not be able to purchase on the first play through. Also you can play the game totally different on the second time around and take different path ect. This is a very big game.

Surfman3779d ago

its pretty funny the conspiration against the PS3. Trying to find flaws in a perfect game... pathetic.

GiantHstx3779d ago

Who said anything about it being a flaw?

GiantEnemyCrab3779d ago

It's also pathetic people calling a game "perfect" when there is no such thing.

chanto233779d ago

Best game (as a whole package) that this gen has to offer till today period...

no game is "perfect", but this is the closest to perfect that any video game has ever been...

Graphics: this game is the best looking game this gen so far
Story: Not even some RPG games out there have a more captivating and complete storyline
Sound: Rivals any movie out there

Beg For Mercy3779d ago

are still trying to rip mgs4 just give it up already

mikeslemonade3779d ago

The 360 people are just mad because they can only have like an hour of HD cutscenes before there last-gen inferior dual-layer dvd reaches its limit.

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