GTA Online San Andreas Flight School Update Patch Notes

The free San Andreas Flight School Update for GTA 5 Online is now available. It includes new patriotic parachutes, militiary / air force clothes, jets, helicopters, classic sports cars as well as bunch of great gameplay updates like increased payouts for tougher missions. Here are the full patch notes.

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sungam3d1615d ago

***Insert complaint about no Heist missions yet here***

DxTrixterz1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

You know people are right being angry about heists. We were promised them nearly year ago and we still don't have them. Also there is a rumour that heists might be only available for PS4,X1 and PC versions(wouldn't that be a good reason to buy GTA V again) Just imagine if 35 million copies has been sold just on 2 platforms how many more they could sell on those 3 platforms. Heists could be the selling point for next gen versions. Considering soooooooo long delay I actually start to believe this rumour. Rockstar has already released 8 content updates since GTA V launch and it doesn't seem that those updates can be done in few days considering that each update takes at least month to be released which could mean that the probably didn't even start working on heists. Instead of those content updates we should have heists and then do as many updates as they can possibly think of.

Catdawgg1615d ago

This update was extremely underwhelming. I was excited for it, especially after they released the trailer for it but it was a let down. It was worse than the beach bum update. It only has one new outfit and 1 new car. They also reduced payouts for most jobs while they were at it. But hey, at least the constant freezing of your entire console feature was reintroduced. Oh and the one hat.

DxTrixterz1615d ago

There was also 1 helicopter and 2 planes.

Voozi1615d ago

Did they fix the god mode glitch yet?