Shane Kim: Microsoft Can Top Halo

When asked how the chances were of MGS ever creating a franchise that could top or match Halo, the newly promoted Kim exclaimed, "Really good. And I'll tell you why. We've got the talent, we've got people who are always on the lookout for new ideas and talent, and most importantly we have the commitment and the will to create those hits. Those are not easy tasks.

"There would've been lots of people in the past that would've not stuck with various projects that have turned out to be very successful for us.

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PoSTedUP3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

suUUUUURRre kim, sUUUUURre.. what ever you say pal..

CyberSentinel3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

in M$'s LONG-TERM commitment to this industry, but I'm just not sure.

Their unwillingness to invest in good developers, which have either already been sold, or about to be sold to other third party companies, leaves me in doubt. Examples...





ALL triple A developers (IMO) that at one time were "for sale" and in some cases STILL ARE for sale! and what does M$ have to say about it....."not at the price their asking". Yet they are willing to throw 44.6 BILLION to yahoo.

My Fanboism only extends the length of each generations hardware life span. The next generation of systemwares may see Sony with the best "TOTAL PACKAGE" (hardware, games, online service) heck it might even be Nintendo with all that Wii and DS paper they are making. Step up your "Game" M$.

Step 1 - Drop the price in US and Europe.
(you said so yourself M$, "Xbox is now profitable"...time to expand your userbase and share the love.

Step 2 - Get more bundles produced with Big Titled games.
Gears of War 2 bundle should be available DAY 1 (if not sooner to really push hardware sales -evil muhahaha.) and INCLUDE the game with a free GoW2 faceplate, free exclusive GoW2 theme, free exclusive GoW2 gamer pics (their nothing but .jpg's for goodness sake!!! they cost nothing to include) All for the same retail price of it's non bundled counterpart.

Ask yourself this question M$, how well did your christmas bundle with Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Forza 2 sell?

GiantEnemyCrab3778d ago

Great comment! I am a total 360 fanboy but I see the same observations you do and I have a hard time putting %100 faith in MS being the market leader they want to be.

You make some great suggestions! Gears 2 bundle should be a NO BRAINER! The Halo 3 bundle was decent but they can do so much better. I just hope they don't do something stupid and cover it in blood or make it puke green like the Halo 3 bundle. =)

green3778d ago

with comments like that you deserve to have more than 4 bubbles.Bubbles up.

I am a 360 fan but have the same feelings as well especially concerning the amount of 1st party studios that they have.90% of 3rd party games are now multiplat or at the most timed exclusive so you can't bank on 3rd party games anymore.The real strength is now in 1st party and on that front they are way behind SOny.

They should never have let Bizzarre creation go or Bioware get(my favorite devs) into the hands of EA.They should be aquiring Epic games seeing how important GeOW has become to the xbox brand.The should have aquired Realtime worlds and giving them money to make a sequel to Crackdown.Take Two is too expensive so they can let that go.

Anyway we will just have to wait and see.

crck3778d ago

I own both systems but I favor the PS3 a lot more. The RROD and paying to play online has just left a really bad taste in my mouth. But I agree with you. MS doesn't seem committed to staying in the industry. When Motorstorm got good reviews and sold well Sony wasted no time in buying them. But MS has just stood there and watched second party devs get eaten up. It doesn't make much sense unless they want to keep their options open for a exit from the industry.

juuken3778d ago

Bubbles to you. That was well said.

Whoooop3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

I agree with what you said, but you really can't compare their bid on yahoo with their gaming division.

They want Yahoo for another reasons and it's clearly a priority for MS as a whole.

I think they don't really prioritize in their gaming division. They don't really invest in it as they should, so they can improve MGS. They just rely on paying third party devs and buying third party exclusives and that's it.

Maybe if they would understand more that they could make a lot of money if they really invest in first party devs or prioritize a bit more on MGS, they could've had a lot more great games this gen and a lot more first party exclusives.

They have the money, they just need to realize that they need first party support to succeed one way or another.

Yahoo is just another issue completely different that should not be mixed with the decision they make towards MGS.

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BigKev453778d ago

Only better for us gamers.

shazam3778d ago

but its not saying much

g3nkie3778d ago

So it starts...this guy is never going to shut his mouth...

Shadow Man3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

click the little x located in your far right corner of your monitor and problem solve.

Bigrhyno3778d ago

Any company can top Halo.

BubblesDAVERAGE3778d ago

COD 4 is the beast of the industry right now..

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