"New Silent Hills Title Aimed For Pure Horror, Many Wants To Play It But Don't Have PS4" says Kojima

According to Hideo Kojima, P.T is pure horror and is about experiencing the terror players can't fight against. He also talked on topic of bringing Silent Hills S to other platforms, and said many wants to play "Playable Teaser" but don't own a PS4.

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BigBosss3142d ago

Game scared the living hell out of me and believe me when I say this, I am not that easy to get scared lol

Elda3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Opposite for me,I'm not easy to scare & P.T. didn't scare me but I found it very interesting.Edit:I can't believe I'm getting disagrees because P.T. didn't scare me but scared the ones disagreeing...LMAO!

BigBosss3142d ago

wasn't scary! What? You serious! Scariest game yet!

amiga-man3142d ago

Well it is an almost unique experience, a free to play game trailer that can have the player literally too scared to turn around, I Love Horror and this was just brilliantly done.

vishmarx3142d ago

ive got balls of steel and i can admit i was nervous throughout and had a few jump scares.
also kojima is talking about the pt demo ,not the game itself

NatureOfLogic_3142d ago

I believe you, but I don't think you went into it unprepared at night in the dark with no lights and high quality headphones like most did when It was first revealed. I didn't know anything about the game before playing(before the hype) and the game increased my heart rate at times.

MWH3142d ago

How dare you go against the sream? Edit your comment and say you are scared shitless you hear? /s

opoikl3142d ago

@ elda

Ever since P.T. landed on the store, I've seen you in each and every article stating that you didn't get scared by the demo. Do you really need this much affirmation that you're a tough cookie? It reminds me of that one kid that sits in a rollercoaster like a boss - cross-armed and silent as a monk- while the other kids are having the time of their lives, screaming in excitement and enjoying the tingly feeling in their stomachs.

I knew this would be a unique experience coming from Kojima, so I actually feel sorry you didn't get to experience this little work of genius in the way it was intended to.

Elda3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

@Opoickl...are you N4G's watchdog,moderator & Mayor?? I've been in several PT articles not everyone of them nor am I dissing the game I happened to like it & I have the right to disagree that it was scary,who are you to TRY & put me down because I feel this way.I'm grown & can say whatever I want when I want & why are you all in my bones?

hkgamer3142d ago

lol. how dare you say something bad about a groundbreaking ps4 exclusive teaser. disagree disagree disagree!!!!!

well, i guess some people just dont understand that some people dont get scared or they just dont believe you for some reason.

bouzebbal3142d ago

you have to admit this game has a very disturbing atmosphere and i dont think anyone can disagree with this fact.

HiTMaNHuntr3142d ago

I wish I was like you guys, not easily scared. I'm such a weakling when's it's comes to horror stuff lol. But I still attempted to play P.T. I was unsuccessful. :(

mogwaii3142d ago

Its because you dont know good smart horror when you experience it....and that frankly is sad :(

XB1_PS43141d ago

I disagree with you because I think you either, didn't play it, or are lying.

kparks3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

I agree im pretty big into horror and stuff, the only time i jumped was when the window fell other than that nothing, i was never really scared i would say i was intrigued with the experience. i really enjoyed the teaser and i found it very interesting i have high hopes for this game cant wait to play it!

_FantasmA_3141d ago

You can't say that you're brave and don't scare easily at N4G. You will get downvoted. You have to say this was the scariest game ever or else...

Heavenly King3141d ago

I am with you, I did not get scared either. On the other hand my brother was very scared XD.

system223141d ago

n4g strikes again. you can say a simple fact like the sky is blue and get disagrees. i'm convinced at least 1 person follows me around and disagrees with every comment i make for no reason.

regardless - PT gave me chills and I can honestly say a video game has never done that to me before. Bummer you didn't find it scary but it seems at least you found something good about it. Interesting way to reveal a game though for sure, yea?

Ares84HU3141d ago

@ elda

No one believes you. I'm sorry, but that demo is scary. Outlast wasn't scary compared to this. If this didn't scare you than you are not human and don't have any emotion in you.

No one will think that you are cool because you go on a forum and tell people that the scariest game made in the last few years didn't scare you at all.

GameSpawn3141d ago

I'm with elda on this one. I played P.T. and was more overrun with frustration getting the triggers for the final section than being frightened. Call me desensitized, but after numerous Resident Evils (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, CVX, OB, OBF2), Silent Hills (1, 2, 3, 4), Siren (PS2 version; truly f'ed up - this may have set the bar for me), Clocktower, and numerous others games like this raise the hair on the back of my neck from suspense, but never freak me out.

The game was definitely hair raising, but nothing caused me to freak the hell out. What is funny is that the "thrill" and "horror" of the P.T. demo/teaser didn't come with a whole ton of gore.

Horror doesn't need to be the gore-porn that movies like Saw and Hostel have made standard for the genre (movies or games). Frankly, overuse of gore for "horror" effect is even more of a turn off for me and I loose all respect and interest. I enjoy "suspenseful" horror -- the type of horror that keeps hinting the danger at every single corner, but NEVER ruins it by fully revealing the cause of all the terror. Hitchcock was a master of this type of suspense and many good horror films until the dawn of the gore-porn take over were chalk full of this.

I think P.T. is a perfect example of suspense horror in a game. The old Resident Evils had to rely on suspense due to limitations of the medium -- the first Silent Hill too. And while Silent Hill does occasionally have its gory moments it is always second to the suspense and never a main selling point.

Anarki3141d ago

I watched the Pewdiepie video of this game, it looked intense and even had me on the edge just watching a video. I would love to pick this up but i'm too much of a pussy lol

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Elda3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

@NaughtyDogs...I am!.the teaser is very interesting & I've never played a SH game before.Knowing that this teaser has nothing to do with the final product hopefully they keep the mysterious creep factor atmosphere intact if so I may be interested in buying SH for the first time.I played the teaser last week at 4am & I live alone.I was a lil startled when Lisa killed me but I laughed & through the entire game I was amazed at the graphics & the atmosphere of the game.Couldn't believe in some forums about PT people were screaming or had to turn it off because they were just too scared to finish playing.Horror movies & games that have been made in the past 20 years just don't scare me.

PLASTICA-MAN3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

"I've never played a SH game before."

That explains all. (I showed scary (retarded) pranks to my cousine who does get scared for nothing even the most futile things and she just got scared from those pranks only, while when I showed Amnesia and P.T to her with all the scarejumps and co and she didn't get scared AT ALL). Another friend who never played any Silent Hill game, watched wlakthroughs of it to finish playing it and he didn't like it too (very explanatory). If from the start you aren't interested in what you play (or do), you won't delve into it and then you won't be part of it and focused inside it, so the scare will be minimal when anything happens, if not non existent. Maybe Silent Hill is not your thing if you never tried it before and have prejudices about it. You should pass if Silent Hill makes you laugh (mocking the entire purpose of the game). I am not blaming you, but you should not ruin sth you are not intersted in.

Elda3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

@Plastica-Man..I played all RE games & they didn't scare me doesn't mean I didn't enjoy playing them because I did.You may have a point about SH knowing I never played them before because they looked uninteresting to me.PT really has my interest & I really like the teaser & it's creepy atmosphere.I'm not at all bashing the game especially with the creators behind this new SH.Maybe because I'm from the old school,I just wasn't scared which still was a good thing knowing I enjoyed playing.It seems if you don't follow everybody else on this site then you're looked down upon which I could care less...LOL!

Akarogg 3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

You're different from the norm I'll give you that. Not having been scared by any horror movie/game in the last 20 years? Certainly unnatural, no wonder many people find it hard to believe.

MuhammadJA3142d ago

What scare? Oh yeah, JUMP SCARES like every horror game out there. Want a truly horrifying experience, go read or watch some creepypasta theories.

fr0sty3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

There's like 3-4 jumpscares in the entire demo. The real horror comes from not knowing what is coming, or when, or how... the constant threat that looms. When it reveals itself, it isn't always in the form of a "boo!" moment. Sometimes it is much more subtle, but equally creepy. as well as figuring out the story and the breaking of the fourth wall. You obviously never played it.

In fact, one of my biggest "creepy moments" came AFTER a jump scare (looking up and seeing her looking back down on me from the balcony with that creepy as grin, as she slowly steps away). I actually didn't even see that until I replayed the game with the brightness settings turned up.

Kidmyst3141d ago

I found it creepy but the trailer not to scary. But knowing how Silent Hills games are it'll get even better.

trancefreak3141d ago

For the most part the game was in a different reality which was twisted and cool, but let me tell me one part got me good not paying attention.

Games do not scare me this one did.

Crazyglues3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Yeah I must admit, I never get scared... Never - and this game made me jump all over the place...

Loved it... True horror game, finally..

It was awesome, hope the final game is as good, and hope it looks as awesome as this one hall way did, I swear that adds to the horror, because it looks so real it makes everything that much more intense...

I would never get a game like this, but that demo was so good, I am actually going to buy this when it comes out..

Awesome Demo..

Oh and people without a PS4, go get one, what are you waiting for, Next Gen is here, and it's Awesome.. So many good games coming out in just October alone, this Holiday Season is it's about to be amazing.

-tell Santa don't forget you this year.

||.........___||............ ||

Bobby Kotex3141d ago

I am easily frightened, and I didn't play it much, lol.

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Tedakin3142d ago

That told me nothing. "People want to play PT but don't have a PS4."

Okay.... yes.... is true.

fr0sty3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

PS3 version confirmed :P

Joking aside, the comment could just be in regards to the fact that PS4 is a relatively new system with a small install base compared to the entire pool of console gamers, most of which currently consists of previous gen console owners.

Sincere01213142d ago

Wish I had a ps4 to play this but cant justify buying it for just one game,
stickin with Wii u for now.

Agent_hitman3142d ago

Mr. Kojima please make a PC version too.. Just like the confirmed MGSV PC version.

vega2753142d ago

Would love to play this on my pc. Hope it is announced for other platforms too

retro_3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Perhaps it's a hint that the full game isn't going to be a PS4 exclusive? I'm guessing MS are slapping wads of cash down on the table as I type and then a few more to make it an XB1 exclusive, now that would be scary!!

Any how, It scared the bejezuz out of me but I played it after midnight with the lights out wearing a TB headset!!

Sm00thNinja3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Well to Add to this. Tho game is published by Konami I believe, possibly in conjunction with Sony? So it isn't outside the realm of possibility of not being exclusive. Sony isnt touting it as an exclusive either. If it were exclusive they'd be shouting it through the rooftops! If not an Xbone release my guess is a PC release? I'd bet multiplatform form though. Correct me if I'm wrong and it has been announced as an exclusive though. Getting it on PS4 regardless