'Worm' Attacks Second Life World.

Virtual world Second Life had to close its doors for a short time on Sunday after a worm attack called grey goo.

The self-replicating worm planted spinning gold rings around the virtual world, which is inhabited by more than a million users.

Players treated the attack with a mixture of mirth and anger.

"Can this game get any more unpredictable and exciting?" asked one user, Loretta Lurra on the official Second Life blog.

As users interacted with the rings they replicated, resulting in a slowdown on the servers used by Second Life's creators Linden Lab, in California.

Second Life has become one of the most talked about developments in cyberspace in recent years.

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LiamFly4348d ago

Second Life is full of pedophilia and bestiality, but the media refuses to mention this. In my investigation there, I found a location where characters with little girl avatars would role-play sexual acts with men. The graphics on the walls were also of pre-teen girls. In another location I found people, again role-playing sex, but this time they had the avatars of anamorphic animal characters who wore diapers. Flying around the world of Second Life, it's not likely that you won't see dozens of XXX and adult material, from XXX theaters to adult dance clubs. There are several campaigns underway to disrupt this activity in Second Life, and I have no doubt that this worm is part of it.

Marty83704346d ago

Adidas, Reuters and Channel 4's Big Brother big brand names would run a mile if this was true.All 3 have virtual ad campaigns.