ReddX: reddit App for Xbox One Available Soon

Major Nelson:

In June we announced more than 45 new entertainment experiences coming to Xbox One and we continue to deliver on that commitment with additions like ReddX, an app that we are confident our reddit fans will embrace with open arms.

At Xbox, community is a big part of who we are. And we know at reddit, community makes up the very core of the service there, too. The launch of ReddX on Xbox One is exciting because it combines the intense community involvement we’ve come to know on both platforms with the unique capabilities offered by Xbox One.

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mrpsychoticstalker3211d ago

Microsoft has always been about the features and apps. My 360 has so many apps that it make it a great console.

I'm glad to see them going in the same direction with the Xbox One. This promises to be an app used by many many xbox fans

URNightmare3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

I'm pretty sure that won't help sell consoles or make ppl talk positively about the Xbox One. This kind of apps, while cool having them in your console/tv, don't have the ease of access and interactivity as you do in your smartphone tablet of PC. The last thing you will think of when going to reddit is doing it on your console, you will immediately grab your phone or tablet.

While Microsoft is releasing a reddit app for Xbox One, Sony is releasing an interactive augmented reality streaming studio feature and making it more fun and easy to people to "Broadcast their talent" ...

THE PLAYROOM: AR Studio Trailer Revealed:

It is clear which of those features will get people talking and help move more units.

Sony has cameras flying off shelves as well as consoles with smart moves and features like this. Meanwhile Microsoft removes Kinect out of the box because nobody wants it and still keep being outsold in the everywhere including the US.

n4rc3211d ago

And what part of that post has anything to do with a reddit app on xbox?

Nobody asked for your Sony sales pitch

christocolus3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )


Why so defensive? Can't he be happy about this feature? He wasn't even talking about your precious ps4. Yet in your reply you trying so hard to defend it.why? Lmao.

I'm happy about the reddit app and most reddit users are too. its something we actually asked for and MS is adding the feature. How is that a problem?

You guys crack me up.

Lawboy23210d ago

@ chris

I swear it's getting worse and worse...but ppl don't believe me....I'm glad that xbox fans on reddit are starting to stand up to the bullying on xbox one reddit...the xbox one is a great console and ppl should be able to be happy with there purchase

And ppl should understand this is no knock at the ps4 which also is an amazing console....

Ppl they can both co exist without all this bickering

Knucklez5043210d ago

smh hate these dumbass fanboys like you

Kingoftherodeo3210d ago

lol wait i haven't seen that playroom trailer is that what its really gonna be like. this looks no more than any webcam software you can download where you add random effects to your feed. idk about you but they already have Skype i don't think the xbox team cant create an app to recreate something like this if they felt this was something worth the time.

jeremyj29133210d ago

@christocolus it's mostly due to how PlayStation fans were treated for majority of the PS360 generation. Early on XBox fans were always picking fights with PlayStation fans over seemingly nothing. "PS3 has no games." "PS3 looks like a George Foreman Grill." What made it worse was that every major gaming site, magazine, and store was pretty much pro XBox.(in the US at least) Games always got pushed more on the 360 and rated lower on the PS3. It wasn't until the first party studios started flexing their muscles and showing what was capable on the PS3, that it started to be taken seriously. So in a way, XBox fans created the "Sony Ponies" that they hate so much. The thing that most XBox fans don't understand though, is that PlayStation is a stronger global brand and has a huge following. So that means on sites like this and others that have visitors from places other than the US, things can seem really one sided in favor of those that used to be the pin cushions. Just my 2 cents. Sorry for the rant.

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700p3210d ago

Xbox is the place to go to have a great gaming/social experience!

KingKionic 3211d ago

Upvoting reddit comments with a simple voice command. Rewinding and pausing and playing gifs, pan and zooming images.

Great stuff.

sobotz3211d ago

Wow, I want this for PS4 and PSVita too please

Mikelarry3211d ago

MS is really killing it with these constant updates, one must commend them on how quickly they are putting them out.

Rimeskeem3210d ago

This would be useful to me but I never use Reddit

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