Microsoft Comments on Next Xbox - Could Xbox 720 be completely digital?

During a conversation with Shane Kim, the new Corporate Vice President of Strategy and Business Development at Microsoft offered very general commentary on the next Xbox console.

When asked if his new role includes looking at how Microsoft is going to transition into the next console, Kim said:

"How [do] you think about next generation? What is that next generation going to encompass? How are you even going to define that? All of that is part of the equation. What kind of geographic expansion do we need to see? Is the world more of an online world than a hardware-oriented world? I think there are some really fascinating opportunities in front of us."

While the statement offers no details, it does suggest that Microsoft is at least exploring the idea of launching a digital system rather than a traditional expensive piece of hardware.

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DaddyDC6503871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

they create a more reliable system next time around.

I guess the folks that disagree don't like reliable consoles, LoL!

Shadow Man3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

Haha according to the disagrees they want Microsoft to create a unreliable console.

Panthers3871d ago

I think it is because they hope that there is no next time around for M$ lol.

leeger3871d ago

don't ever mention the term realible, unrealible, failure rate, etc. cause it makes fanboys go ballistic. hahahaha

shazam3871d ago

thats a great idea, microsoft would be the first to make it possible to pirate a console!

no longer would you have to sneak into the back of eb games and snatch one up!


this is the dumbest article ever. and what is this consol going to run on thin air? it still needs hardware to run on.

drewdrakes3871d ago

shazam - If they dont release hardware then why is it called an xbox? From what I see this means no disc format and more MMORPG's. As well it means they arent going to concentrate on the fastest hardware, kind of like the direction the wii went into.

kewlkat0073871d ago


Would be kewl, but if digital is the future, then I'm all for it but how you gonna buy games and such?

Lots of questions but its years away

madmike3870d ago

yes hope sony can get some games out next time too injoy your pooray player

plenty a tool3870d ago

people use their consoles for watching movies whether it's dvd or blu-ray. but not only that, how the hell can you trade a download once it's completed and something new is in the shops??

also, this would kill all the game shops if you had to download everything. they will boycott selling the console and peripherals and everything with it.

imo, the next xbox will have a blu ray player end of story.

Tomdc3870d ago

what kind of retard answers a question by asking about 5 questions himself lol

Jack Meahoffer3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

You seriously think the industry would be better off with just Sony on the bleeding edge and Nintendo going after grandparents?

I disagree. Competion is very important. Whether Sony fans like the 360 or not you'd have to admit the 360's influence has helped the PS3. Otherwise you'd never know what universal in game voice chat was or achievements. Let alone smacking the arrogance out of their mouth making them drop the price sooner rather than later. The 360 lit a fire under the juggernaut from last generation. Having one console would be bad for gamers.

I think its a little short sighted and childish to wish for your favorite console to be the only one standing.

godofthunder103870d ago

i'll agree that the 360 need to have a more reliable console next time, just like the ps3 is this generation because when 30% to 35% have a problem with the 360 then it needs to be fix.i'm not saying that every one have a problem with the 360,hell i had one since launch and i never had 1 problem with mine yet but i guess i'm lucky so far.what i'm saying is that for every 100 that's sold about 30 to 35 of them will break and that's high.the problem that i have is how ps3 fans act like the ps has always been the most reliable console every made and it wasn't.

the ps had problems because of the defected drive in could buy a new ps and put a new game in it and it would say can't read disc some times but after a month or so it would say can't read disc about 90% to 95% of the times and you will have to keep trying to make the game work by ejecting it over and over till it works.

the other problem i have is that ps fans are always saying that microsoft gave every one a 3 year warrinty because they don't want to pay the money to fix all the 360s right and they act like sony always do the right thing and they don't.

the ps had a high percentage of people haveing problem with the drives like i mention above but sony kept denying that the ps had a bad drive in had to be sued because they didn't want to pay to fix the was proofing that the ps did have a bad drive in them and sony knew about it but kept denying it because they didn't want to pay to fix the pss that was sold already.

sony finally fixed all the drives in the new pss but sony didn't do a damn thing for the people that bought the pss that had the bad drive in them,hell people like me that had to buy more them one (i bought 5 in about 1 1/2 years) was just stuck with them.

i'm not saying that microsoft does every thing right because they don't but atleast microsoft gave every one an extra 3 years warrinty on their own and didn't have to be sued to do it like sony did ,as a matter of fact sony didn't do anything about the pss that they sold before the lawsuit but ps3 fans still act like sony does nothing wrong.

the truth is that the ps3 is the most reliable console that was every sold and 360 fans should admit it because it's the truth,hell the people that had problems with them is to few to even mention.i don't think that a company could have made a more reliable product then the ps3.

fans of the ps3 need to admit the truth to instead of acting like sony is better then microsoft when it comes to their customers and how reliable sony other consoles are.ps3 fans should remember the first 2 ps before this one and all the problems that people had with them and how sony refused to fix the defected drives in them and treated their customers like sh*t back then because not only did they had to be sued to admit that the ps had a defected drive in it but they still didn't do a damn thing for their customers that bought the ones with the defected drives in them.

the truth and fact is that in reality sony did less for their customers with the ps then microsost is doing fo their customers with the 360.the fact is that sony knew about the defected drives but kept denying it because they didn't want to pay to fix them.they had to be sued to admit it and they still didn't do a damn thing for their customers because they didn't fix the ones they sold already and we were just stuck with the broken and defected on the other hand atleast gave their customers a 3 year warrinty on their own and they didn't even have to get sued to do it.

every company learn and make mistakes as they did it and they learned their lessons on the first 2 pss and now they have the most reliable game console that was ever made and 360 fand shouldn't deny it because it's the truth and ps3 fans should admit that sony had a lot of problems with the ps and treated their customers wrong(the facts prove it).they should also admit microsoft treated their customers better with the 360 then sony did with the ps.when microsoft release their new console in about 3 years it will be a lot more reliable then it is now because just like sony,microsoft will learn from their mistake and will not make the same ones and they will make a better system.

i know that some 360 fans will disagree with me when i said that the ps3 is the most reliable console every made even when it's true.some ps3 fans will disagree with me when i said that sony had to be sued to admit that the ps had a defected drive in it and they knew it but didn't want to pay to fix the ones sold already and that microsoft treated their customers better with the 360 then sony treated their customers with the ps even when the first part is a fact and the second part is easy to see because sony didn't do anything for their customers that bought the ps with the defected drives in them,we were just stuck with them and we had to buy another one when it broke down and atleast microsoft gave their customers an extra 3 year warrinty with the 360.if both sides admit the truth with out being bias they all would agree but i know they want.

NeoBasch3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

@ godofthunder10

I won't disagree, but I won't agree either. You have some parts right and some parts wrong. Its hard for anyone to remember events that happened eight years ago. But, yes, the two PlayStations did have problems. Not so much the original PlayStation (overheating problems) as that was quickly dealt with. The PS2 was the one that had the problem. On top of that, they did provide a nice manner of addressing the issue just like Microsoft had.

Of course, it was after the lawsuit, but how long did it take Microsoft to set up their additional three year warranty service? Both were running around with their heads cut off until the problem became to big not to address. I'm sure they had a fair share of problems just coming up with a service to fix the darn things. Sony agreed to offer anybody with faulty consoles with free repairs or replacements for a significant amount of time. They fixed the problem back in July of 2003, but continued to offer support up through February of 2005. They even addressed yet another problem with the laser and offered a similar service. I don't think its fair to say they did nothing for those that bought the defective systems when, in fact, they did cater to those very people.

Also, the failure rate of the PS2 wasn't nearly as high as the 360. I believe the best answer we got as to the failure rate of the PS2 was 5%. This was probably just an estimate, and was actually more than that. But this never even came close to the reported 30%, likely more, failure rate of the 360. I feel Microsoft made a genuine mistake. I don't hold it against them. Hell, I'm happy their trying to fix the problem even though it seems like a giant of a task to accomplish. They're doing their best I'm sure. Or at least I hope so. I'm actually looking to pick up a new 360 soon. Mine died not because of the RROD, but a different problem (System Error 71... yeah, it's a mean one. After an auto update, the system experiences hardware failure and shuts down, can never be booted back up. Unless repaired. But I'm not taking my chances when Jasper sounds like it may address the previous models problems).

I wish all systems were made to be as reliable as the PS3. That thing is a work of art. Not one problem with it. And the ones that are reported are probably turning up to be less than 1% of the consensus. Small minuscule problems in the manufacturing more than likely. Here's hoping Microsoft becomes as good as Sony in creating great hardware. Wouldn't that be awesome, if all the discussion was focused solely on the games. I pray for that day to come.

I do have one funny story though. It was about my original Xbox. That thing was a beaut too. I rarely had a problem with it whatsoever. But just a year or two before I picked up my 360, my friends and I were playing Fuzion Frenzy in our basement. We were having a good time. Kicking back; relaxing, occasionally relishing in the competitive nature of the game. We were in one of the latter moments when something weird started happening. Little did we know the substance collecting at our feet. After a while, we bothered our noses and sniffed for anything strange. I believe it was my friend who piped up and asked, "Is something on fire?" It was then that we looked down and saw a pool of smoke rising to meet us. It was all over. Enveloped everything within distance of the console. :O Luckily, we shut it off in time but there might have been a few sparks here and there. Scary, but funny. I couldn't stop laughing at how oblivious we were to what was going one. I think the problem had to do with an exposed wire (only a tiny bit) on the AV cord. But I think we got a new Xbox just in case. :D

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Veryangryxbot3871d ago

There is not going to be a next xbox for the next 6 years at least. It is clear that Shane was just trying to avoid the question by giving a super vague answer.

But the author had to make something out of his arse. Shane never even mentioned anything online. The author made that up by himself.

And wtf is a digital console. Is the author retarded or what. Even flash based games require some form of hardware to run the damn thing.

Massive idiot.

etownone3871d ago

"There is not going to be a next xbox for the next 6 years at least."

i hope you wrote that wrong, cause then you'd be saying we won't be seeing another xbox till what, 2014?

Veryangryxbot3870d ago

Look kid or should I say bot. Games nowadays take 3-4 years to develop and cost millions rivaling even blockbuster movies. MGS4 alone cost 100 million to make.

Thats not counting any INVESTMENTS made by the companies themselves. These are merely production costs. You honestly think these companies are joying when MS comes with another console next year when the very fact is that current consoles are not even maxed out yet, especially the PS3.

That alone is reason enough why a new console will not be supported by the third party developers. Also, online will help prolong the life of the new consoles and Blu Ray, Cell and HDD were created to help prolong as well.

Oh woops, 360 doesnt have any of these! haha so I guess dead in the water is a correct term here.

Doesnt mean a new system is coming kiddo. No company, hell customer will support it. People dont buy a console so they can update it again in 2 years time. Consoles are 5-7 year investments at the very least. People buy consoles and expect not to have to update again for the foreseeable future. Releasing a new console in 2 years time destroys this image. And you will have one pissed off media.

In light of this, you made the wrong choice going for the 360 as it is non futureproof and prematurely blew all its cards. Now it has no choice but to sit through the rest of the war and do nothing. Its like COD4 search and destroy. You get taken out early and all you can do is just watch other folk play.


tehReaper3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

VeryAngryDumba$$-You're a moron.

2 years time? This is the THIRD year the 360 has been out. 2010-12 would be the time for a new Xbox. I'm sorry but your logic is flawed and like I said, you're a moron. You talk out your a$$ and you use nothing but bias to back it up.

Want to know why you are here talking crap? It's because you feel threatened. The ONLY reason why the 360 isn't selling as fast as it was, is because of RROD. And that my friend, has you scared.

No company, not even Microsoft, will ever make that big of a mistake twice. New Xbox=Better features, newer technology, RELIABLE hardware, NO RROD.

Don't act like a new console would be a bad thing, because Microsoft screwed up this generation with hardware design. Next time is a whole new ballgame.

Crawl out of your little Sony hole and get some sun. You're talking nonsense.


Jack Meahoffer3870d ago

You hit the nail on the head.

This tween doesn't know what hes talking about and has the nerve to call the author a retard. DUUUR whats a digital console? DUUR

These idiots would love having one console so their master couple rape them even harder. Only a child would wish for no competition.

Pain3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

M$ cant afford to keep XBOX 2 past 09.

Why ?
1) most games made on RROD 2 share the "Games for windows" and in 09 i REALLY doubt anything made on PC/PS3 CAN be down graded to XBOX 2 with out serious downgrading.

2) If M$ wants to keep up...They going to need more then that Tooster aka Cheap Crap PC parts to compet with whats going to come out on PlayStation later.

its called History kids.
-timspillters 1 compared to God of War 2...yea... history..same will happen on PS3. buckle Up.

3) if M$ want s to try and Push it Mass Dream of DLC then it needs new XBOX since XBOX 2 dont Cut it.

4) its M$....u just watch,think they Care about u kids? Or just Getting your Money... they did it befor they will do it again. 4 year console life.

Hububla3870d ago

So your saying all those fans who jumped on the x-box bandwagon and got screwed over on the RROD issue are gunna rush out to by a new more expencive console made by the same company!? Customers dont forget that easy! Maybe its just me (wich i highly doubt) but when my 300-500$ console crashes and microsoft tells me to re-buy all the games and other crap i bought on the system then im done with that company!

tehReaper3868d ago

Yeah, it's true I favor the 360 over the PS3. But I try NOT to be biased. I'm not a fanboy, I own a PS3 and Wii as well. That doesn't mean what I said isn't the truth.

Microsoft made a huge mistake, and they had to pay for it, along with millions of their fans. They won't be so naive next time. If you really think Microsoft will ignore that mistake, you're just stupid. Why would they damage their reputation once again, when they are out to make money?

Yeah, many people feel like they got screwed, but in reality they didn't. Microsoft is replacing the consoles that have the RROD. And it IS true that many people abandoned the 360, just like you said. But see, all the 720 needs is a year to prove itself. Once people know it won't break, more people will accept it. Die hard Sony fans probably won't because the PS3 will be well into it's life, but hey, it's their choice.

If the technology and reliability is there, consumers will buy it.

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Panthers3871d ago

Im tellin ya, it is not smart to release consoles every 5 years anymore because games take too long to make. The current consoles will still be going strong for years to come (except wii) and making a new console will just kill off the potential of the current one. I get excited just like anyone else each time a new console is released, but let this gen run its course first.

Also, I believe the next consoles will probably be all digital, unless this Time Warner thing becomes popular. I personally like my discs.

mikeslemonade3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

Good point right there. All the quality AAA games take on average 4 years to make. Only Ubisoft, Activision, and EA would benefit from a 4-5 year console life. So have fun playing rehash titles like Madden 11, Rainbow Six Vegas 4, COD7, and Splinter Cell 8.

n to the b3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

in case microsoft didn't make it obvious this time around, companies like sony/microsoft release their new console when it makes financial sense for them to do so - in other words, when they believe it will lead to the most $$$, ideally.

there could be other circumstances. maybe there wouldn't even be PS3 yet if 360 hadn't launched. but even that is still related to the $ and cents of it.

SixZeroFour3871d ago

my game design instructor was talking about this last semester, and he said the with fully digital downloadable game it would be less stressful for game developers to make a game because then they can release part of the game and constantly produce expansions for the game later on

maybe i have no idea what im talking about, but i think thats what he said...if anyone knows what im talking about and has some knowledge about love to hear it

Panthers3871d ago

Well, the PS3 was a special case because of Blu-Ray. They wanted to get a cheap player on the market that would sneak into everyones home and they only had a little time to do it before HDDVD took hold. Unless they are trying to push another technology next time around then I think Sony will let the PS3 live out its life. They will release another console while they still support the PS3, but I hope that is later down the road.

Panthers3871d ago

I hope that never happens, unless they charge a lot less for the first part of the game.

DeadlyFire3870d ago

I still say its to early for it all to be digital. Digital could play a bigger role in the next generation, but it will not go all digital just yet. Its way to early. Maybe by 2030 or so it will be okay to do something this drastic, but not right now. Discs will live at least another 4-10+ years. Perhaps Flash drives might take the place of discs after or during that time as well when they start going down in prices and higher in storage space. They are too expensive though for anything during the next generation, but the generation after that maybe. Either way I believe their will always be something on store shelves for consumers to buy for the games they want or something like that.

As far as pushing a new Tech. I doubt Sony would push another one with Blu-Ray now working on 1 TB disc space. Microsoft or Nintendo on the other hand might look at another one. The other new disc formats are all looking at 1 TB disc size as well so Blu-Ray might be preparing for another battle in the coming years.

PS3's life will extend little further than the PS2's lifespan with more games and support and this trend will continue with each generation of playstation I believe. PS1 lasted about 5-6 years with new releases and PS2 has lasted about 6 or 7 years so far with some new releases. Microsoft would be wise to let the X360 live past 2009-2011 whenever the next generation comes about.

NightVyper3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

well with MS DRM policy there is no way i would get there digital system... because they are tracking that stuff some how and right now official policy is if your system fails buy it again, only this time you would be rebuying games major releases. too risky IMHO.

also what about trade ins?? i don't do it but 80% of my friends do... that will hurt them i dont think as many of our generation is as willing to get rid of physical media as MS thinks, at least i am not.

poopface13870d ago

instead of making half life 3 right after #2, valve made episode 1/2 and are making ep.3 right now. You can still buy them on disks but most of the buyers probaly dowload from steam.

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mindedone3871d ago

Does this mean a (gaming)OS only? That would be incredible if I interpreted it right.


sucks to have no internet when that comes out

freediro3871d ago

if they try to release a new console any time soon when the 360 is still trying to get a lot more sales, big games, and going digital would be another move that could kill MS, DD might be the future but most gamers like to go buy a game have the box create a collection, trade in games, trade games with friends, buy used games, etc. MS would not only hurt themselves but other companies. yeah dont think so about all digital!