Are Limited Edition Games Worth the Price?

Peter Skerritt and Jason Large from GamePlasma argue about the pros and cons of limited edition games in their new column, Point/Counterpoint.

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Jack Bauer3779d ago

im never buying another MS special edition ever again...after halo 3 legendary, they screw over the diehard fans...Bioshock had a great LE... but i ifnd it funny that i too bought Lost planet CE for the free map, yet realized after i opened it that i would never play it cause nobody else got it.

BeaArthur3779d ago

You and I are in that same boat. Cool map but nobody else had it. I would by a special edition for extra game content though.

FredFredrickson3779d ago

I think it really depends on just how big of a fan you are. One man's junk is another man's treasure, after all.

dxmnecro3779d ago

Personally, I wouldn't mind buying Fallout 3 Collector's Edition.

Bellic Jr3779d ago

I never was big on LE's but I love my PS3 Ver. of GTA4. The lock box and key chain are pretty sweet swag and I ACTUALLY have a use for them. I one of the people who are NOT dissapointed by GTA4 and loves the hell outta of the franchise all together.

Hopefully Resistance2, Gears2 and FF13 will all have Limited Editions because these are IP's that I'm a huge fan of. I would have opted to go with the MGS4 LE but I like the standard edition box art better.

I guess it all depends on how passionate you are about said franchise. I'd rather LE's be an option than non exsistant.

Dlacy13g3779d ago

art books and extra stuff about the making are great.

Exclusive maps suck because A typically there are less people playing those than the standard ones.

Skins, weapons and characters are all nice unlockables too, but really I want the making of stuff.

dxmnecro3779d ago

The Making of videos are definitely always interesting.

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The story is too old to be commented.