Xbox Honcho Wants No Man’s Sky and DayZ on Xbox One, Praises PS4 Exclusive Wild; Gears News in 2015

Following the showdown at Gamescom Microsoft’s Xbox Division Head Honcho Phil Spencer had a few comments to share, especially on the games presented that for now have been announced just for PS4.

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SaveFerris3139d ago

Of course he does. DayZ will no doubt come to Xbox One at some point in the future. No Man's Sky could depend on the exclusivity deal Hello Games has with SONY.

BallsEye3139d ago

Exclusivity deal with No Man's Sky is first on consoles on playstation 4, that's what was being said before, so basicly same deal as MS has with other indies presented on their GC. Wild is probably the only game at Sony's GC that I really liked, and most likely will purchase it. Can't wait for more info!

FlameHawk3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

No, it's not first to consoles, its first on PS4. There is a difference. If it was first to consoles that means a PS4 and PC simultaneous release with Xbox later but first on PS4 means first on PS4 with PC later but no Xbox confirmed.

SaveFerris3139d ago

The wording was different for No Man's Sky as SONY didn't say 'console debut' or 'first on PS4' so I think they may have console exclusivity for No Man's Sky.

Mr Pumblechook3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Phil Spencer is in a position to invest in new games and studios. Instead all he does is wait to see what is a success or a hit and then moneyhats it.

He should be looking to have Microsoft make their own Tomb Raider or own No Man's Sky, but he has no vision and doesn't want to build, he only wants to buy.

Bennibop3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Word in Guildford where hello games is based is that Sony is in talks to buy the studio.

Rimeskeem3139d ago

You didn't like Bloodborne?

shaenoide3139d ago

because of Xbox One's indie "launch parity" an indie game cannot be released on another system earlier (except PC)

sonarus3139d ago

I haven't seen wild. But no mans sky is like last gen "eight days" for me. A game so great you know you will do anything to play it. Let's just hope it doesn't suffer the same fate.
I will check out wild but doubt I will like it. Free games on ps plus are where I get a chance to test these Indy titles so if it's Indy I'll wait till it's free or gets a substantial discount. Generally I prefer much much meatier games. No mans sky on the other hand I would by any console just for that game. It might not be as good as I hope it will but what i see just oozes awesome just like eight days

Sheikh Yerbouti3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

I'm sure parity clause will be forgotten for the right game. Microsoft has to do more to keep up with Sony exclusivity machine. I can see that parity ish getting tossed out.

I think this gen is shaping up to be better than last gen, a real exclusivity battle royal. Best gen to own both I'm betting...

VealParmHero3139d ago

@flamehawk, i would be very surprised if it doesnt come to xbox at some point. ill already have it on ps4 anyways, i think. game seems really amazing, but still not sure itll be my kind of thing

kryteris3139d ago

Hmm, I thought it was first to ps4, 2nd on pc and no mention elsewhere.

mixolydian_id3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Im still not quiet sure how No Man's Sky will work.

Infinite worlds? I doubt it! I wonder when the DLC will start being advertised?

I'd be interested in knowing whether it's gaming world may benefit from the Cloud Azure compute?

Also, is it me or do the some of the trailers of games this gen, seem to offer nothing in the way of actual gameplay experience?

When you watch a cinema trailer, you're seeing in-cinema footage.
Just how can they get away with playing the cutscenes in a random order?

It's pretty fallacious to say the least!

darthv723138d ago

"He should be looking to have Microsoft make their own Tomb Raider or own No Man's Sky, but he has no vision and doesn't want to build, he only wants to buy."

true that if you can't buy it. But on the flip side there is less risk in buying than building.

But i recall the days of genesis and snes. Capcom ported final fight to the snes but not genesis. So sega had a team of developers come up with their own beat-em up called streets of rage. And that game went on to make 2 sequels.

Before genesis finally got a version of street fighter 2 (special champion edition), they had eternal champions. So back in the day, if a system didnt have a game, they made one to compensate.

MS has teams working on specific projects but they obviously dont want to take a risk of making something that may not recoup the cost of investment. The buy it now approach is their safe bet even if it doesnt sit well with the demographic of gamers.

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oneluckybullet3139d ago

shaenoide pretty sure theres been a few games now that have released on ps4 and came to the one.

frostypants3139d ago

Did he mean H1Z1? Because I don't see Day Z ever coming to consoles. It's too complex.

OpenGL3139d ago

DayZ was announced for PS4 at Gamescon.

Army_of_Darkness3139d ago


because H1Z1 is so much more simplified and very different from day z right??........ -_-

frostypants3139d ago

@Army_of_Darkness, actually, by the looks of things, yes...H1Z1 looks more streamlined. Have you played DayZ? It's a damn mess. I don't see it translating well to consoles.

salmon_slapped3139d ago

@Army of Darkness
DayZ has a cluttered inventory system that is easy to work with on pc but i could see it being a pain on consoles. like the Fallout pipboy on steroids. There's also a ton of movement options and controls that to me seems like it will fill the controller very quickly.

Kryptonite42O3139d ago

I was pretty stoked about H1Z1.. not really sure why they announced Day Z though.. seems to me that the games are very similar and will most likely be competing with each other.. just seemed like a strange decision.

harrisk9543138d ago


I guess you didn't watch the Sony press conference at Gamescom.

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Pogmathoin3139d ago

I think he would not have wasted his time if No Mans Sky was completely locked down..... I always thought first on PS4 console.... Leaving the rest open over time.....

_-EDMIX-_3139d ago

Both likely are. The issue really is regarding MS stance with indies.

Though they made a reverse, it clearly wasn't enough as 1000 indies are making PS4 games, and 250 are making XONE's, mind you....some of those 250 are making PS4 versions of their games.

The issue isn't Sony getting those games, its MS not having the same welcoming system set up to bring in those same indies.

Sony isn't publishing, funding etc either game.

soljah3139d ago

hey spencer i have a better idea, instead of money hating existing franchises why dont you go out and find and fund your own no man's sky.
i hate it when kids go me too and it looks worst when adults do it.

Godmars2903139d ago

A small team, one without the time or resources for multiplatform releases, are working on it. Pretty sure they've already said that its going to all platforms.

At worse it'll be like Minecraft: the better it does the quicker it'll be on more systems.

harrisk9543138d ago

Nope. They said PS4 and PC. No word or discussion about XB1.

DanteVFenris6663139d ago

Only problem is h1z1 developed by Sony is a far far better version of dayZ. I'm really pumped for h1z1, and dayZ not so much as the first time I heard of it was after I saw h1z1. And that game looked far more developed and better

assdan3139d ago

I like Spencer's honest a lot though. I'm doubting No Man's sky is coming, but I agree that Dayz likely will.

poor_cus_of_games3139d ago

Spencer honest? Hahaha more like confusing, lying and believing that everyone is an idiot.

Gamer19823138d ago

If he wants it maybe he can remove barriers like [email protected] that's stopping games like these coming to Xbox One..

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Axios23139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Get out the bottomless MS cheque book and make them both exclusive like TR.

I'm sorry, too soon?

@ DVS, I'm going to make this REALLY easy for you:

Page 32

Gross margin...$893,000,000 on revenue of $9,628,000,000, JUST the Hardware and Gaming division.

@ DVS, here something for you to stare at:

-New York Headquarters

-Tokyo Office Building

-438million in DeNA shares

-Music catalog

-PC Business

-Old Tokyo Headquarters

-and laying off developers

-Closed 20 Sony Stores

These are all the things Sony sold or closed in an attempt to pull them selves from their credit rating of junk as issues by both Moody's and Fitch.

How do you think inveters like looking at that?

@ Shaenoid, WAKE UP, the $400m loss does not exist, it was article by a fanboy that quickly changed the title on N4G. The ACTUALLY financial report is linked above.

DVS-Zev3139d ago

Sure.Spend more huge sums of money on things that bring no return.No wonder the investors want them to cut the xbox division.

colonel1793139d ago

Yeah, Microsoft is not thinking long term since the 360. They should spend those bottomless checks into new development teams and studios.

PS4OUR3139d ago

There is no point in buying up exclusives all over the shop if you don't pursue ideas or developments of your own. MS will be a money pit as long as they keep up the exclusivity buy out tactic and that's why i agree with your assessment.

MS needs to up its 1st party output because it doesn't hold a candle to anything Sony offers in the 1st party stakes.

Though i do see this exclusivity buy outs by MS as a short term tactic to boost Xbox One sales though judging from the Tomb Raider announcement, this is looking to backfire rather than spearhead Xbox One.

gangsta_red3139d ago


And what guarantee is there that spending all that money (i.e. MILLIONS) on new studios and development will bring in a return?

I mean did we not see all last gen a huge number of studios closing left and right because they poured MILLIONS of dollars into a game and got no return.

I love this reasoning only made for MS. Buy more studios and you'll make more money automatically!!

_-EDMIX-_3139d ago


??? Who the hell questions new ips? one is saying just back garbage for life. They are merely saying give new ips and new teams a chance.

Yet Little Big Planet series has sold over 8.5 million.

Yet Motorstorm series has passed over 6 million units...

Yet InFamous series has sold over 4 million units combined.

I'm sorry buddy but your comment would hold some weight if all 3 times I mention where not purchased last gen.


and fyi

The Last Of Us...a new ip...did 7 million units.

Yup....sounds pretty "risky" to me LOL! Risk is involved in all business.

Again...they don't need to just support crap. Sony didn't with Lair or Heavenly Sword. BUT THEY TRIED, they gave studios and ips a damn chance.

MS seems only purchase teams that will replace other teams or for IPs that have no teams.

ie Black Tusk is now making Gears, 343 is making Halo.

DOMination-3139d ago

MS own 22 studios. Thats nine more than Sony. Many are new which is why we haven't seen any output yet. Next years e3 may surprise the ignorant on here who still think MS only have six first party studios

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SoapShoes3139d ago

What does it matter they'll just abandon it at the end like the 360 and considering how much they want to be #1 they'll abandon the one like the original Xbox just to jumpstart a new gen.

Software_Lover3139d ago

....... they're still making games for the 360.

christocolus3139d ago

Lol. They are still making games for 360

Forza horizon2
Project spark
Scream ride

Looks like they are still supporting the 360.

gangsta_red3139d ago

What new games are Sony releasing for the PS3??

VforVideogames3139d ago

Plus all those free games that you keep with or without live, something sony does NOT.

Kayant3139d ago



Titanfall - EA
Tombraider - Square Enix


This year so far and coming soon. Hope I don't miss anything

MLB 14: The Show

christocolus3139d ago


You are funny

EA or not it doesn't matter cos its on 360 and its shows MS still supports the xbox 360 same with Tomb raider. Both games have MS financial backing and aint appearing on other consoles. Ori, screamride, Forza H2, project spark are all games coming to 360 too so i wonder why you actually felt the need to reply me. Your friend said MS ditched 360 and i just proved him wrong. xbx 360 is still being supported by MS. So listing tmbraider and titanfall doesn't change that fact bro. They are both exclusive to xbx360 and xbxone. Or am i wrong?

Tedakin3139d ago

If you break it down, MS is supporting 360 way more than Sony is supporting PS3. Where's that Infamous Second Son port on last gen? And don't tell me the PS3 couldn't run a lower res version

3139d ago
HanzoHattori3138d ago


"What new games are Sony releasing for the PS3??"

Is this an actual question?

WishMeWell2593138d ago


MS owns 22 studios? You realize almost half of those were brought or created for kinect games. Sony has the best studios and they arent going anywhere.

I dont understand people that read N4G and still dont realize, Tomb Raider is a Timed Exclusive. As in waste of money, TR isnt good enough for people to buy an xbox for so they can play a single player game. Ill wait til it comes on PS4 or hell buy it the day of release on PC. Waste of money

no need to really support a last gen when your new gen is doing so well. MS is still strongly supporting 360 because theirs more 360s playing then xb1s. PS3 is getting less because the PS4 is doing so well.

Did everyone forget the last months of the ps3 and 360 before new gen. Xbox just stopped making games, expecting the xb1 to just take over. Epic fail.

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BG115793139d ago

Xbox Honcho wants people to forget that they tried to fake an multi-platerform game into an exclusive, turn out to be a bad buzz.
So he praises the other non-exclusive games (just first on console games) and one exclusive home made exclusive of the competition to reduce the pressure.

redwin3139d ago

Spencer always praises Sony after a show. Thus time was no different .

PS4OUR3139d ago


I don't know why you getting disagrees. Spencer is trying to turn around the Xbox One image among the gamer's so he is "saying all the right things" and some are praising him like the 2nd coming of christ.

Spencer can do or say no wrong in the eyes of some gamers. Good work from MS. It seems to me people forget what a cocky MS is like when they were in the lead with Xbox 360 last gen, boasting about resolution differences, screaming sales numbers from the top of the hills etc. Now they behind and playing catchup with their head honcho pandering to the masses. They are playing their PR cards just right because they have to repair a broken image and damaged reputation after the E3 reveal and initial policies they set out to enforce.

Perfect PR practice if you ask me.

Silly gameAr3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

You saw through his kind words to huh?

BX813139d ago

So we should hate ms forever? Ms sat on their ball bag no doubt. You can't sit here and say they haven't tried to make things right. You can either sit there and complain about everything or you can keep that thought in the back of your mind and enjoy some great games. I don't constantly think about the psn situation and constantly think my info is going to get stolen or worry about psn going down for a month. Sony made that right and we had to move on.... Move on know you want to :)

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redwin3139d ago

So, is it bad if Xbox wants the game also ? The fans are happy . How does everyone know the particulars if Sony deals with other studio, exclusivity means throwing $ weather it's MS or Sony . I got them both, I can't care less who gets the game. If I want the game I'll get the game.

greenlantern28143139d ago

Nope, not bad at all Phil just wants XB1 owners to have as many games as possible. He is just doing bis job.
DayZ will most likely come to XB1 I remember an interview where the dev praised XB1. IF I about No Man's Sky though

Reaper29r3139d ago

Redwin don't you know man? It's only okay when PS4 get's stuff, not XB1. It's only okay when Sony locks down content and IP's, MS is scum when they use such tactics. Shame on them for trying to get stuff for their fan base lol.

DVS-Zev3139d ago


You clearly don't understand the importance of investor satisfaction and their direct affect on stocks and what that translates to.They can have all the money in the world but wasting millions of it on absolutely nothing is giant red flag.

Carry on staring at big numbers and thinking you understand things tho.It's cute.

beerzombie3138d ago

Most of the these investors complaining only want short sells to make fast money and are not their for the long haul.
All companies' that are big have debt and large investments for short and long term, somebody all ready about this on this site along time ago. you Sony fans rehash stupid stuff all the time.

Rimeskeem3139d ago

You do realize that if Xbox does not make profit for MS then the likely hood of them receiving more money for things is lessened through out the life span. MS has almost shut down Xbox in recent years and now you are telling them to give the Xbox division more money?

Sometimes I feel you don't think things through

shaenoide3139d ago

look better. XBox brand = 400 millions dollars loss last year...

DVS-Zev3139d ago

@Axios and yet Playstation is kicking the shit outta xbox.What's your point?

_-EDMIX-_3139d ago

yet MS spent $400 million on NFL and Sony spent a large part of last gen buying up studios while MS was closing them down?


MS barely makes hardware, they are foremost a software company.

Sony has the largest first party, they make multimillion dollar films, music, lots of software, lots of hardware.

They sorta have a lot that they do vs what MS does. Yet Sony spends money to invest in gaming because they will clearly be their long term.

To date, every single PS branded Hardware has sold past 80 million *clearly not including PS4 or PS Vita as they are still currently selling.

Soon, every PS console would have passed 100 million, a feat zero game manufactures can ever say they've done.

MS has never sold that much, Nintendo did with the wii only once, only Sony can say they've done this several times.

They invest properly and insure the existence in gaming. MS seems to be in question in regards to what they will do in gaming long term as they don't seem to be too intrested in buying up studios as much as they seem to want timed games.

ie they don't seem to want ot invest vs do timed stuff....I don't understand? Where is MS going next gen or the gen after that they are so scared to actually commit long term?

It makes many question MS's commitment long term. They seem to be if I may (one foot in, one foot out)

Say what you will, but I believe opening up studios and forming new IPs cost way more long term then some timed stuff.

A little known fact to leave everyone with.

MS has yet to ever support a new ip on any platform with more releases then their established ips. ie last gen we got 4 Forzas, 4 Gears and 4 Halos...fact.

Sony did 3 Resistance, 3 Uncharted, 3 InFamous games (if you count Second Son)

The gen prior.....Insomniac, Naughty Dog and Sucker Punch didn't do those ips. THAT is the level of creative support you get from Sony that MS has yet to EVER come close to. They seem to make games like bullet points.




annnnd lets close the year out with a new Gears Of War


I question. Never mind what Sony does financially, from a pure gaming it not WORST that a company that financially can make MORE exclusives then Sony, just does timed games and repeats the same ips since the XB1?

Mind you...dear god they didn't even MAKE THE GEARS OF WAR IP! ie that game would have NEVER been made at MS LOL!

This isn't even anything new, consider that in 2007 when EA bought Bioware and the Mass Effect ip.... EA BOUGHT THE BIOWARE FROM BIOWARE and the ME IP FROM BIOWARE ie MS didn't own a thing other then the publishing rights.

I question...who the hell funds a IP they don't own by a team they don't own?

Sounds to me like MS has a issue with commitment and its clearly showing.

The Order, Driveclub, etc we all know are likely to get sequels as Sony is known to support their new IPs.

Phantom Dust? Scalebound? LOL! I question how much support they will get from MS historically.

Remember Perfect Dark Zero? Remember Kameo? LOL!

Again..never mind how Sony or MS do businesswise. WTF does this even mean to you as a GAMER? You think I care that Sony movie flopped? Or that the Zune sucks?

_-EDMIX-_3139d ago

What does this do for me the gamer is what you need to be focusing on.

$400 million to NFL, doesn't help a single GAMER!

Tomb Raider?

Dead Rising 3?


Sooooo if you own a XONE, you'd rather delay a game, then get an exclusive?

All while PC and PS4 gets all those PLUS exclusives?

The level of slow in that idea is just too funny. All companies take loses, all make some sort of gains.

Question how it effect gamers, why back a company that isn't even backing its own damn system with the same vigor Sony and Nintendo are?

Are you fine with 4 Gears, 4 Halos and 4 Forzas?

Yet Sony did 3 Resistance, 3 Uncharteds, 3 Little Big Planets?

...we still got GT5 and 6, we still got a God Of War.

Its not one or the other. They are content to just make the same junk because "business wise" they still sell units. Timed games? sells units.

Is that what you want?

LMFAO! I mean seriously, are you getting anything from this bottom line because it sounds like MS is in it for solely MS in this regard. ie XONE sells...they could care less about funding new ips past 1 game.

DigitalRaptor3139d ago

That bottomless cheque book, and Sony still has roughly 3x as many exclusives in 2015 as Microsoft.

When that short-term desperate moneyhat that is Tomb Raider exclusivity doesn't do anything to make the Xbone more desirable to the market, Microsoft will be even more pressured when it comes to putting down large sums of money for timed AAA exclusives.

Petebloodyonion3138d ago

"Tomb Raider exclusivity doesn't do anything to make the Xbone more desirable to the market"

It's funny cause history seem to show that a game promoted for a system sells more on the promoted system.

COD sells better on 360
BF4 on ps3
assassin's Creed on ps3
Batman on ps3
Mass effect 3 on 360
Splinter cell's blacklist on 360

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rmw2hot873139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

I'm so hype for the new gears of war can't wait to here more about the game next year. I still play gears 3 multiplayer occasionally that game is a classic. Definitely one of my favorite gaming franchises.

christocolus3139d ago

same here, The next gears will be something else. Seeing QB at gamescom was great and it intensified my hype levels for Gears and Halo5. Those games will be amazing.

tgunzz3139d ago

Heck yeah!!! Let's get with some mighty gears content info! Also, I love the appreciation for the competition that Phil displays (it's about time/refreshing), too bad most can't do it... Xb1 is in store for a great gaming gen, and xb360 looks to be apart of it (I might add/it's getting great Ip's). So exciting... Game on.

SliceOfTruth8883139d ago

ROFL at the tomb raider hate....when the truth came out about Titanfall, you know how sony had the same chance as Microsoft to seal up Titanfall and help fund the game, nobody from the crazy fanboy world said we made a mistake. Same thing is happening here CD and Square are getting compensation that will give them better margins per game sold and xbox gets an exclusive. When it comes out that Sony balked on the deal just like before then what?