Square Enix: No Plans for Star Ocean 4 on PS3

In a statement made on Yahoo Japan's financial site, the company affirms that there are no plans to release the just-announced Star Ocean: The Last Hope on the PlayStation 3.

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jvillan3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

A.) This sucks, I really wanted to play this game on PS3.

B.) No big deal 360 can have it but they won't get FFXIII.

C.) Yea whatever, time to go play more MGS4.

--Added Option Below--

D.) I am going to click disagree because I don't like the fact that this guy has me figured out, and it is true I am a fanboy.

EDIT: Well judging by the disagrees I guess my survey was somehow imcomplete...How can you disagree with a questionnaire? Ok i'll fix it

paul_war3873d ago

D) I own both, so it really doesn't matter.

ukilnme3873d ago

I'm with paul_war on this one.

Maybe SE is working on another SO title for the PS3.

Genesis53873d ago

This must be costing MS a fortune.

cellypower3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

I might buy it. Its good to own all consoles.

CrazzyMan3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

Why would ANYONE care NOW about RPG game, which will be released somewhere in 2009(!), maybe even by Christmas 2009, when TODAY is MGS4 release day! =))
I really, WHY? =))

Final Fantasy game sales 5-10 mln.
Star Ocean game sales ~1 mln.

You really people making too much noise. =)) AT best case 1 mln. people will buy x360(if already didn`t) to play SO4 on x360, and MANY of them actually will wait till PS3 release, since they will be busy with FFXIII, FFXIIIv, WKS and OTHER GREAT JRPG games. =]
Star Ocean is NOT a system seller, atleast compared to FF game. =)

As for now.. How many 3rd party jrpgs Already Released on x360 after 2,5 years stayed exclusive?
Answer is 0.

Which JRPG games stayed exclusive on x360 after 2,5 years? ONLY published by M$.

Star Ocean 4 is published by SQUARE.

p.s. fanboys may stay in DENIAL, you won`t change the REALITY with that. =)

Xemnas3873d ago

That can't save 360 in japan so w/e. i pick A.),B) and C) lol

jadenkorri3873d ago

if you want to ruin a great JRPG, put it on the 360, no jrpg released has sold well on the 360, so why would you want to, want to know where your fans are, on the ps3, cause we bought it for a reason, if anything please multi-platform games

Palodios3873d ago

I'll go with A. Seriously, Microsoft is getting ridiculous. They're obviously throwing money at all these companies to give the 360 rpg exclusives when the mainstream 360 gamer doesn't play rpgs. I don't care if FF13 or WKS goes to the 360, exclusives mean little to me, good games are good games, but I am just sick and tired of watching really good rpgs sell poorly on a system I will not purchase any time soon.

Edit, oh, and C. Because MGS is epic.

Meresin3873d ago

A combination of A and C. It'd be nice, but it's something I can live without.

jadenkorri3873d ago

eventually we'll finish MGS and move on, but the 360 has its way of ruining many jrpgs by putting them exclusive to the 360 or at least timed...if their timed, well coming out 1 year later on the ps3 is pointless, not many people buy it cause the graphics are 1 year old and there are better games to play which look better graphically..Take Bioshock coming to ps3, its not gonna sell good cause the graphics are 1 year old, the games is more than a year old itself, no one cares.....What I can't believe is that sony and square is turning its back to its Japanese fans, the ps3 is number 1 compared to the 360 (not bringing in the wii for now) in Japan and thats were Star Ocean would sell not gonna buy a 360 for Star Ocean, ill wait for it to come to the ps3, it may be a long wait, by then i may not buy it, so Square, get your head out of MS a$$ cause them flashing money only lasts so long before you will realize you would of made more ignoring them and going mutli-platform.....

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Jack Bauer3873d ago

no plans to release heh... they're prolly working on it with no plans to release till MS deal is up.

solidjun53873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

they can't talk or do anything about it until the exclusivity period ends.

@Pumpkinpunker: huh?!

EDIT: that's not necessarily true Pumpkinpunker. That argument holds no merit. I mean, think about it. The Bioshock Devs essentially said the same thing and guess what...the game is coming in September/October for the PS3. They want to remain confidential about it to maximize sales on the console. They want to give the perception/appearance that it's only for the console and milk that console dry in terms of the amount of copies sold. After, they'll announce that it's coming out on system Y like they were shocked.

pumpkinpunker3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

It's top secret!


If a dev says there are no plans to develop a game for a console then the odds are there are really no plans to develop the game for it. Do you think that Square is so morally bankrupt that they would outright lie to the public?

desolationstorm3873d ago

Yes yes and yes. That is the nature of the video game industry. Sure it was sarcasim but whatever.

Domenikos3873d ago

every single developer i know do it very frequently... not because its a lie... its just confidential info. or they are not sure.

xhi43873d ago

take Bioshock for example, even Ken Levine said this isn't some conspiracy, there won't be a PS3 version.

and look now......... lol

Xi3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

they gave this exact same comment with ff13 exclusivity so I assume we can also expect the same "ff13 on 360" posts as these so4 on ps3 posts right?

I mean, we can't start being hypocritical.

edit for below

I think you're wrong.

edit again
at least you can admit it... Thanks for being a good sport.

solidjun53873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

the difference is that Square Flatly DENIED that it would go multi-platform. Square didn't do the same thing for Star Ocean 4. They only said "No plans for a PS3 version", which is open ended and there's a possibility that it will come to the PS3. There's no hypocrisy in that.

So i'm wrong. I'll admit to that.

pumpkinpunker3873d ago

Show me the quote from Square.

KillaManiac3873d ago

There is nothing wrong in thinking that they just aren't allowed to talk about it b/c timed exclusive.

Look at was 360 ONLY and no plans of a ps3 version in the works, but for some reason they hired ps3 devs and we kept getting rumors from random crap. Look at it now *points at enhanced Bioshock version* coming to PS3.

CrazzyMan3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

1) how many 50GB taking PS3 games were ported to x360? 0.
2) how many PS3 games at all were ported to x360? 0.

I just wanna see atleast one game, which was ported from ps3 to x360.
There were a lot multiplatform releases, where ps3 system was a lead platform, but ps3 port to x360, NEVER.
That means, for x360 to get a ps3 exclusive game it need to be developed from the beginning.
And just for the records, short game like Lost Planet on the Multiplatform engine Capcom spend half a year for every version - pc and ps3.

Good luck for waiting ps3 games port on x360, But just for the records - after 1,5 year there were no ps3 ports on x360.

GiantEnemyCrab3873d ago

If I'm not mistaken VirtuaFighter was a port from the PS3.

jadenkorri3873d ago

thing is thou about that milking, it pisses people off, if i were to buy a 360 for Star Ocean, cause i almost would, and it released to ps3 afterwards, after Square denied it like the company did for Bio Shock, i would be royally pissed at the fact that they lied, despite it being in development and saying its not....i personally don;t have the money to go buy a console to play games that I want, i bought a ps3 in hopes of playing my favorite games, i figured they would come out to the ps3, well MS is F*CKING me over every day spending the money on exclusives of my favorite games.... If MS would simply believe in and trust there console and let third party devs go multi-platform on games, i would consider saving up to get one, but as it stand now, i refuse to put a F'ing cent towards MS for anything what so ever...hence my non legit copy of Vista, among other MS games and software i've dled...for free....BTW i was gonna buy a 360 for Fable 2, i might just be patient enough to wait for it on PC...

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power of Green 3873d ago

Choose your response.

A.)This sucks, I really wanted to play this game on PS3 despite saying the opisite.

B.)No big deal 360 can have it but they won't get FFXIII as of now.

C.)Yea whatever, time to go play more MGS4 and I'll be back attacking this game, the 360 and its fans in a couple of weeks trying to find ways to downplay it.

juuken3873d ago

D) I will be owning both systems and I'll probably get this game. I also think Square must be out of their damn minds to not release this game on the PS3 too.

power of Green 3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

You can tell by the ingame graphics this game is built from the ground up for the 360 the visuals are simply not seen on PS3 out side of CGI.

And I'm talking about the pics released not grabs from the video.

solidjun53873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

you really are dense are you?!

EDIT: Hey Junken, let me help you out.
he's denser than Brittney Spears at a PTA meeting.

juuken3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

I disagree. This game could have worked for the PS3 as well. This is a low blow for people who own PS3's and like jrpg's.
And I agree with the guy who called you dense. You're denser than...I don't even know. I would like to compare you to a brick wall but sh*t is more like it.

edit: Thank you solidjun! My brain was beginning to shut down when I saw his comment. :[

ash_divine3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

dude... ... dude... you're seriously deluded, I hope you're joking or just trying to piss people off. if not then you need to get your eyes checked, (i'll even pay for it.)

whoknew3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

POS3 Fans choose A. But seriously POS3 fans need to understand that this game is exclusive to the 360 it will never ever come to the POS3 GET IT GO IT GOOOD!!!

solidjun53873d ago

*Yawn*... do you get tired of creating multiple accounts just to prove you hate Sony and everything related to Sony.

Mr Fancy Pants3873d ago

A.)This sucks, I really wanted to play this game on PS3

mikeslemonade3873d ago

HAHA a JRPG on 360? It's gonna fail like just the other ones both in game review scores and sales. If it's not gonna be Unreal 3 the game is going to look like crap. 360 what a joke of a system if it's Unreal 3 it's generic looking if it's not Unreal 3 the graphics are mediocre. Thanks to SqaureEnix and Microsoft they put a series to die for on the 360. Star Ocean series going downhill from here on out.

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jvillan3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

wow green, way to jack my questionnaire.. lol, but good nontheless

power of Green 3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

I felt it was not finished.