Gameplanet reviews Civilization Revolution

Jon Valjean at Gameplanet gets out a solid review of Civilization Revolution. Civilization Revolution is a fantastic, frantic combination of pretty much all the highlights of previous Civilization titles rolled into one single package. Finally, a worthy way to experience Sid Meier's legendary franchise on your console!

Quick rounds, whimsical character animation, huge depth of play, multiple challenging ways to win, balanced combat, and they've actually succeeded in making it all easy to control.

Occasional graphical bugs, some questionable AI moves.

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Silogon3833d ago

Gonna pick it up eitherway. I really loved the demo anyways.

skynidas3833d ago

The demo of this game was awesome

celticlonewolf3833d ago

The demo was great and I think I will pick this one up(my pc is REALLY old and is only used for the net).