Peter Molyneux on Godus backlash: 'I take the bullying for the sake of making a great game'

Peter Molyneux talks Godus, how mobile impacted the PC version, Godus vs. Dungeon Keeper, and how you can make money from 22cans.

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-Foxtrot3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

Oh Peter....you can't make great games

You can build up great hype for a good game and maybe tell some great lies along the way but nothing more

Golden_Mud3623d ago

I do agree , this guy can't execute his ideas though his ideas are genius.

Boody-Bandit3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

Reaching for the for the unobtainable knowing it can't be done isn't genius. It's merely false hype to achieve attention to the individual or the developer he works with. Like his whole Milo nonsense. AKA the Wizard of Oz, pay no attention to the man behind the mirror.

The only thing Peter is great at is talking. Personally I wish he would STFU. I mean there is those that are in the camp of what have you done for me lately but he is in the camp as what have you done for the industry almost ever.

He made some decent games over the years. One could argue he made a great game here or there but it's not like this guys is spinning out masterpieces or ever has. Those guys and devs in the gaming industry talk 1/20th what this @zz hat does.

Peter once for all let the work talk for itself. Most of us know it usually doesn't and when it does it scream mediocrity.

Baka-akaB3623d ago

He has released masterpieces on PC . He created a whole genre of games , so of course he can aspire to be called a genius or legend in the industry .

But that was then , now he's washed up and constantly lying or aiming for stuff out of his reach

Thantalas3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

Peter Molyneux 'I take the bullying for the sake of making a great game'

Is he mad? He launched a Kickstarter for Godus and said nothing about it being a pay-to-win gem game, in effect deceiving his backers by not revealing the true nature of the game. The PC beta had gems that cost $50!!! Then quite rightly media and websites pulled him up about it. This was not bullying, this was making him accountable to the people who invested in his business. He hypocritically then criticised the EA Dungeon Keeper for mobile devices for its pay to win model!

Thankfully the backlash has led to him changing the model for the PC/Mac game. Molyneux is a talented man and should try harder to understand the cause of the public upset comes from him not being completed open about Godus.

hay3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

Let me get this right: if I disregard gravity as he disregarded honesty, and as a result of it I'll painfully faceplant on the ground does this mean the Earth is bullying me? Because I always thought I'd be an idiot for ignoring obvious mechanisms.

Good one Pete.

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DarkOcelet3623d ago

Fable 1 and 2 were amazing for their time , if only they were harder .

XtraTrstrL3623d ago

If only Fable 1 and 2 were anything near what he claimed they'd be. The things he basically lied about were ridiculous. There's no way to defend him, I was so disappointed with Fable 1 after all the hype about how you'd be able to do anything. He went on and on about how real the world would be and how you'd grow from a child to old age and have all these choices. It was all fluff, it was just a regular game in the end. He does this all the time, I don't even pay attention to his work anymore.

incendy353623d ago

I think he missed a golden opportunity as being the world's greatest used cars salesman.

DonDon3623d ago

Yuck. Molyneux, Phil Fish, and Cliffy B all re-emerged from the abyss in the same week. Does anybody care about what they have to say? They talk alot more than they spend time in studios creating decent games.

Baka-akaB3623d ago

Well he could make excellent games till (and including) the Black and White series

Hellsvacancy3623d ago

Populous: The Beginning and Black And White are some of my all time favourite games so I know he can make good games

XtraTrstrL3623d ago

I remember Populous, I use to play it alot on Genesis. I also had the original Black and White game, that was pretty cool. Too bad he's all about over-hyping and under-delivering now. His word can't be taken seriously, it's a show & prove mentality I have with him now. I'll wait for reviews on his games before even thinking of letting him get me psyched up over a new game.

DOMination-3623d ago

Don't forget Syndicate and Theme Park

SilentNegotiator3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

OMG stop teh bullying, Foxtrot!! /s

Ahh, "bullying"...another word that the PC police, and others looking for a quick, cheap way to discredit anyone they disagree with, has raped to meaninglessness.

edit: Okay, it's a little ironic that I chose the word "raped" when describing words abused. In the future I will find an alternative; I consider myself a bit of a wordsmith and I can do better than that.

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equal_youth3623d ago

i am so glad i didn't buy godus. steam reviews saved me from doing it.

Boody-Bandit3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

Peter talks great but usually ends up creating mediocre games. If he gets any backlash it's because it never STFU. Devs with 10x his talent talks 1/20th the amount that he does. All he is in this industry is a mouth piece / hype machine. Milo, you're not fooling anyone. I see the man behind the mirror.

He reminds me of Adam Sessler. He brings it on himself and than plays the victim role once the backlash is unleashed on them.

DonDon3623d ago

What does he have in common with Sessler?

Boody-Bandit3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

That they are attention whores and flip flop like flounders when they get caught not meeting expectations or flat out lying. Like Peter with Milo or Adam with being caught being a hypocrite time and time again. Plus he has been caught flat out lying. Than they both play the victim role when the heat is brought their way.

I will at least give Peter credit for staying and not running like a lil girl and pretending the unwarranted backlash and threats is why he left like Adam did.

Bottom line. Let the work talk for itself when you're a developer and be honest and impartial when you're reporting on the industry. That's what they have in common. Both do / did the opposite.

MilkMan3623d ago

So where the fuq is this great game hes talking about? Cause Godus is a piece of sh!t.
Its time to retire bro.
and please, wire your mouth shut.

STK0263623d ago

I've put around 35 hours in Godus, and quite honestly, while there is something very enjoyable about the game, Godus is a great example of great game design with poor execution, it truly is an exercise in frustration.

Two things are really keeping Godus from being a good game. First, the developers have shown over time that they wanted the game to be the same on PC and mobile, which means that mobile restrictions (in terms of horsepower) hamper the PC experience. This can easily be seen with the pathfinding (which manages to be worse than Command and Conquer's pathfinding, a game released close to two decades ago). And to make matters worse, they have stated that they were happy with the current pathfinding and that they would rather focus on other aspects of the game.

And number two, I understand that the mobile version will be free with in app purchases to speed up the timers. On PC, we paid for the game and were told there would not be in app purchases. All is fine so far; until you reach timers that are North of 24 hours. You have nothing to do for days, and there's nothing to do about it. It's even worse than having in app purchases; as I actually had to pay for the damn game, yet I'm still stuck waiting for days.

Ripco_Keller3623d ago

While I haven't played the game, I'll agree with your first point on general principle. Sadly, PC games have always been held back by consoles, but having to play the parity game with mobile devices? Quite bad.

As for your second point, he says right in the interview that you'll be able to freely change or remove those timers on PC.

equal_youth3623d ago

and this is why the gaming executives are all shoving their financial graves. on the long run this concepts won't survive and will only damage the liability of said person. molyneux lost his spirit over a decade ago and clearly he can't just do a game without destroying it while he is developing it. i hate on those people that give away great opportunities to make games. they have everything but just can't do it right. damn i wish i had my own little studio ^^ i would make the game of the decade and it would be what gamers wanted. great promises and little gameplay oO pilled with a lot of false marketing and talk.

Sly-Lupin3623d ago

Yeah, on the surface Godus seems like it should be such a fantastic game... but the execution of the various systems is just terrible.

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