Forever Delayed: the 10 Xbox One and PS4 games we won't see this year

Remember back when the Xbox One and PS4 were released? Remember how excited we all were? Fast forward almost a year to today and it seems like the 'next' generation of consoles has barely even got started.
What happened? Delays happened. It seems all the games we were hoping to play this year slowly slipped back and back. Some argue that there aren't many reasons to upgrade from an Xbox 360 or PS3 yet.

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thorstein2617d ago

Ever notice that games released by indie developers (those independent of large publishing companies) are never "delayed?"

It is because publishings suits claim that a game will be available at a certain time without conferring with the developer that is actually creating the game.

Then, when launch window approaches, the dev says the game isn't done and the suit creates an excuse for the supposed "delay." Even though the game could never have launched that way.

Case of the dev not getting the time needed: Battlefield 4 which won't finish development until this September.

bleedsoe9mm2617d ago

indie devs don't have earning reports for shareholders

incendy352617d ago

Capy games is pretty much famous for their delays. Although they are always worth it!

Chanogram2617d ago

Probably has a lot to do with indie devs HAVE to get a game out. They dont have a publisher/studio owner with deep pockets to pay them if they delay 6 months. If they don't get the game out, they dont get paid.

BitbyDeath2617d ago

KH3 makes no sense on this list as no date was ever announced for it. Should be switched with Halo 5 which was previously announced to arrive this year.

incendy352617d ago

Halo 5 beta is coming this year, like the very last day haha.

PrinterMan2617d ago

That should be the case regardless if they're Indie or not. Just because you have more money or are a AAA developer does not entitle you to anything other than doing what you say you will do.