Street Fighter will come to PS4 & Xbox One 'some time or other' - but not Wii U

Street Fighter will come to PS4 and Xbox One at "some time or other", but Capcom doesn't have any plans to bring the series to Wii U, producer Yoshinori Ono has revealed.

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Funantic12498d ago

Maybe Nintendo fans will start a petition.

Activemessiah2498d ago

If they were honestly tired of being treated this way, they'd be smart enough not to buy Capcom games on the Wii U... but hey, some people are just gluttons for this kind of punishment.

LAWSON722498d ago

Yeah because boycotting games will make fans happy and Capcom more dedicated to the platform /s

LOL_WUT2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

Oh man! Another IP not heading to the WiiU? Seems like this is becoming a trend.

Why aren't WiiU fans demanding MORE from Nintendo when it comes to these type of things? Instead they resort on trying to get others to boycott the developers all because a certain game won't release on their system of choice. ;)

Master-H2498d ago

That will damage Nintendo in the long run by decreasing 3rd party sales on the Wii U even more and would mess up their Monster Hunter exclusivity deal that they have going on now, what becomes of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate if you boycott Capcom games?

Vegamyster2498d ago


Pretty sure most Wii-U fans don't boycott a company if they don't get a game, Nintendo hasn't had great 3rd party support for a quite sometime so most buy the system solely for Nintendo's offerings.

THamm2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

Heck they're not buying Capcom games anyway, along with Ubi, Konami, Activision, etc Just wish Nintendo kept Rare

Dannycr2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )


Cause that's exactly what they never do. Demand anything from Nintendo. In their eyes, Nintendo is perfect, the best, can't do no wrong and have no room for improvement.

Capcom, in it's current financial state can't risk a port that won't get sales and we all know that the FGC plays on Xbox/Playstation, so obviously they will go with the safe choice.

weekev152498d ago

So because were not getting street fighter which hasnt been good since street fightr 2 turbo edition, we shouldnt buy Monster Hunter?

abstractel2497d ago

It's Nintendo's own fault for not creating a next-gen machine with close enough parity in power to make ports easy.

Realplaya2497d ago

Why is it Nintendo's fault ? Are they going to say give us your game or else? Are they supposed to hold a Gun to Capcoms head?
Capcoms in trouble any way so it's there loss.

Chrischi19882497d ago


You mean Sony fanboys right? Those Shuhei brotherhood ones.

lizard812882497d ago

I don't see how this is Nintendo's fault. It is just Capcom being lazy...again..

Capcom really doesn't support Nintendo outside of MH or VC.

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Bhuahahaha2498d ago

they wont even bother
all they need is smash bros

SilentNegotiator2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

Because no one could possibly be a fan of both.

But "I don't even want it" responses are typical with these types of reveals.

GordonKnight2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

No, they won't. I didn't purchase my Wii U for the next Street Fighter game. Games like that is why I have the PS4 & X1.

IMO The Wii U still has the most and best exclusives.

Wii U>PS4>X1

3rd party games mean nothing when you have all the consoles.

Ripsta7th2498d ago

If they do, i want a brand new SF. New engine and everything, no ports pls

XtraTrstrL2498d ago

Well, didn't that COO already announce SF5, along with a new pay-for-advantage system? LOL, then Ono immediately tried to do PR damage control by stating there'll be no pay4advantage coming with it. So, they already soured the whole announcement for me. I'm still wondering if they're planning on making the SF5 game for hardcore fans again, like they said they would long ago. I'm sure that'll be out the window if there's really a p4a system to go with it. Whatever, we'll just have to wait and see.

Baka-akaB2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

Except Ono and others didnt just say there would be no advantage of the sort . They outright stated the guy was talking out of his a** and merely hypothetising on a game they havent even started conceptualise

And please , Arcsys games added mechanics to lower the entry barrier and yet their games , including P4a are easily as technical , if not more than SF . SF is way more mainstream that those titles , so that's hardly the issue there

What do you even think Ultra are for ? It's a clutch recovery mechanism at heart , wich "purists" initially disliked and still dealt with easily .

And focus ? it was a dumbed down parry system wich is now quite popular .

XtraTrstrL2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

I personally despise Focus. It just doesn't feel like SF. It's a step up from EO(Easy Operation) that was made for the same reason, to attempt to bring in more casuals. I just am not a fan of it.

Also, the higher ups at Crapcom seem to have way too much power. They've done it with every other franchise they own, franchises way more far reaching than SF. I don't see why Ono would be able to overstep them with SF, they're gonna do something stupid like 'Gems' in SFxTekken, which is a p2w setup. They're just horrible, a fighting game with p2w aspects, they have no limits to their greed and idiocy. They don't realize they're cannibalistic greed is losing them money and degrading every franchise they own.

Baka-akaB2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

But while not the most newbie friendly , SF's job isnt to be the most impermeable fighting game actually . There are plenty other niche title for that (or spin offs) , that delves into "anal retentive" execution and combo complexity for all tastes .

So i dont see how focus (or Ultra for that matter) made it not feel like SF . Hell at some point , when introduced ; people accused Super moves to be a clutch too , so that misplaced feeling , imo , is nothing new , with people still accepting it in the end .

SF favor quality of execution but was already at heart about being a chess tactician in a fight .

If anything it's when it lost itself into adding tons of pointless layers of complexity , with SF3 , in a transition era , on top of the rise of the 3d ... that Street fighter losts its place and footing in mainstream gaming .

Either way , people complained as per any big mechanic changes , and yet who's on top again and generate the most interest in most competitive outlets ? SF4

XtraTrstrL2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )


Well, I hope they can stay on top with it, with every other one of their franchises slowly slipping away from them. All because of greed, and mainly for the same reason they added 'Focus' - to make the game more accessible to casuals. I think 'Focus' is way better implemented for that purpose than how they completely changed the genres of other titles like RE - in the name of making it more mainstream. I still just don't like 'Focus' personally though, but don't think it ruins the game, just feels funky to me.

I really hope SF5 is good and doesn't have any 'gems' or anything like that. I dream of them going back to just throwing as much in the game as they can, rather than doing what they did in SFxTekken by locking characters on the disc and taking the microtransactions to a new level. Please Capcom, just leave that out of Street Fighter, it's just a fighter, you don't have to vamp us on every little thing always. That's why you're doing so bad as a company as a whole.

The SF team begged to make SF, that's probably why they had a little more freedom than the other teams maybe. The higher ups were more focused on screwing RE up at that moment still. You can see though, how they're slowly overdoing it with the same practices now and forcing themselves on the SF team, SFxTekken did horribly because of this. I don't think it dropped in price so quickly cuz it was a bad fighter, just people couldn't deal with the ridiculous anti-consumerism and locked-characters and 'gems' was taking it too far. Just let the damn team make SF5 without breathing over their necks, it'll make you more money that way Capcom.

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CertifiedGamer2498d ago

Street fighter 4 definitive edition for the PS4, X1, and PC. I wouldn't put it into capcom to release that game on PS3, and 360 while still calling it definitive.

XtraTrstrL2497d ago

They'll do anything. What's funny to me, is long ago - they said they wouldn't make a crazy amount of versions of SF4. When people were making fun of SF2, SSF2, SSF2T, SSF2HT. Now, looking back, they have basically done just that with SF4. Though, SSF4 was an amazing upgrade. Arcade Edition was eehhh, other than the rebalancing, that could have came regardless. Ultra is taking all its new backgrounds from SFxTekken and a few characters from there, just altered. I mean, I love Hugo, and was thrilled to hear he was coming to SF4 - but yeah, they're doing exactly what they said they wouldn't do.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2498d ago

I dont need it. I have Super Smash Bros. which is better.

I rather have Soul Calibur VI and Dead or Alive 6 for Wii U.

SilentNegotiator2498d ago

You'd better hope that they think Wii U versions are worth making, then.

Blueraven3162498d ago

Any new console versions of dead or alive or soul Calibur wouldn't come out on the wii u. Nintendo has been on a downward spiral since super nintedno. Wii had fluke console success because of a gimmick. Until they understand you need 3rd parties. It'll see the same console downward spiral

CorndogBurglar2498d ago

I see you remembered to take your drugs today.

Smash Brothers is better than SF? Come on now. Smash Brothers is a fantastic game, and very fun. But SF is the epitome of fighting games.

MRMagoo1232498d ago

They arent even the same kind of fighter, so I can imagine a few WiiU only owners will be annoyed by this news even if they have smash bros (which is a game I really dont see the appeal of).

deafdani2498d ago

You and OtakuDJKing are making the same mistake: stating opinions as facts.

Yes, both Street Fighter and Smash are fighting games, but both are so wildly different from each other that you can't state, objectively, that one is better than the other. All you can do is state which one YOU like better, and that is called an opinion.

This is pretty much like comparing Gran Turismo to Mario Kart. Both are racing games, both are excellent in what they do, but they are also completely different beasts from each other.

CorndogBurglar2498d ago

@ deafdani

I'm sorry. I forgot that people weren't smart enough to tell the difference between opinions and facts.

If I say Street Fighter is better than Smash Brothers, thats still an opinion, even though I didn't say "in my opinion", in my sentence. If you, or anyone else can't tell the difference then I don't know what to tell you.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

I have Super Smash Bros. which is better.


My Opinion

CorndogBurglar2498d ago

@ OtakuDJ

And you are certainly entitled to that OPINION. Me saying you were on drugs was just a stupid joke and thanks for not getting all butt-hurt over it.

Your OPINION which you spoke is certainly not an OPINION that I agree with, however you are free to have that OPINION. Just I am free to have my OPINION.

And one more thing: OPINION!

Theyellowflash302497d ago

Well.... when it comes to ratings and sales....Smash Bros destroys Street Fighter

Chrischi19882497d ago

Speaking in terms of a Sony fanboy, meaning in sales and nothing else, Streetfighter is not even in the same league with Smash Bros.

Speaking as a huge fighting game fan, Street Fighter is not even close to the best fighting games. Mortal Kombat is way better, Injustice, even the Dragonball fighters from Bandai Namco are better. Only Tekken is worse, in my opinion.

Knushwood Butt2497d ago

@ Chrischi1988

Mortal Kombat better than SF4 ? I think you might have a hard time convincing anyone but yourself on that one.

Let me guess, SF4 got less popular with the Nintendo fans all of a sudden (but I bet they liked it just fine when the DS got a port).

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Gohadouken2498d ago

Not that wanna wish you ill and jinx it ... but it's unlikely the wiiU would get either Soul Calibur VI and DOA 6 ...

They'd most likely be game released well into the next gen cycle and skip the ps3/360 too anyway

Redempteur2498d ago

thank OtakuDJK1NG for the laugh.. it was needed.
Please do'nt forget to ask kindly TEAM NINJA for your DOA6 on wii U.

Dannycr2498d ago

Let's make a bet. I'll bet you whatever you want that, when they say that DOA6 and Soul Calibur VI are not coming to the WiiU, he's going to show up and say that he doesn't even like the games and Smash Bros is way better "in his opinion".

Chrischi19882497d ago

Does it matter? Why are you so feed up with his opinion? What you dont understand is, that in most cases Smash Bros is better. It depends on what you like on these kind of games. DOA6 and Soul Calibur are nice games, but you compare them to one of nintendos most successful franchises, that is a joke man.

Gohadouken2497d ago

How are they a joke ? Beyond Smash selling better obviously . It's a great game but aiming at a broader and more mainstream audience with a slur of popular characters .

I'm not sure how you could even go there , even as a fellow Smash fan . let's jus stick to it "depends what you like on these kind of games"

Redempteur2497d ago

Sales doesn't make a game trully sucessfull.
Brawl sold over 12 millions but fans are back playing melee or hacking the game so it can play like they wished it would.

The new smash bros will certainly be a commercial sucess, but whenever the fighting community embrace it or reject it remain to be seen.

Dannycr2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )


Are you serious? Street Fighter was/is the foundation of the FGC, it is the most professionally played fighting game in existence. Actually, most Capcom fighting games are. That includes SSF2Turbo, SF3rd Strike, MVC2, UMVC3 and USF4.

Smash recently was (finally) acknowledged by the FGC and it brought something new and nice to EVO, but the FGC lives and thrives because of Street Fighter.

Comparing both games is ridiculous and using sales as a base for quality is even worse. That's like saying Mario Kart is a better racing game than Gran Turismo because of the sales. Two completely different things.

PSD: Yes, I'm a smash player, in fact, I play Smash more than SF but I would never consider it better, just different.

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