"My PS3 Does What?" 5 Awesome Things To Try With Your New PS3

Since a lot of people waited for Metal Gear Solid 4's release to pick up their new PS3s, this article offers some suggestions for fun things to try with Sony's next-gen hardware. The PS3 has a several features that may fly under some new PS3 owners' radar, and The Exploding Barrel recommends their top 5 PS3 features that have nothing to do with gaming.

If you just bought a new PS3 to play Metal Gear, or if you just want to explore some of the console's untapped potential, then this amusing snd informative article is for you.

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kazuma3779d ago

at least they said to stay away from monster cables lol

calidredz3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

The best of the features is the streaming. The PS3 can get a little finicky about certain files and lags compared to the 360 when streaming but it does work. Both my 360 and my PS3 stream from my laptop and desk top, porn has never been better. Also very true about the Monster cables.

NoxiousD3779d ago

Great article, for new playstion 3 fans. Thanks, for putting this up man. Now, i have to research how to make my ps3 streamable lol it keeps picking up AZERUES but it wont play my videos lol

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

Whoever invented the PS3 is a GENIUS!!!;)

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