DLB-Network: GameStop in Dallas, MGS4 Midnight Release

Metal Gear Solid 4 finally hit shelves last night at midnight in stores worldwide. Everyone eagerly awaited the time to strike 12 as everyone wanted to try out one of the years most anticipated titles. We had a good turnout and I thought I would share some of the experience with everyone.

A young man waited in the scorching 100 degrees weather since 2:00pm in the afternoon to guarantee himself his copy of the 80 gig bundle.

And YES we soled a ton of PS3's.

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Beg For Mercy3779d ago

a lot of you know who fans were saying that mgs4 wasent going to sell systems just the game would sell to current ps3 owners guess they were wrong after all.

eagle213779d ago

This release alone is securing second place for Sony. It will remain a top system seller this entire generation.