Destiny: We Answer Your Biggest Questions About the Final Game

While we here at PowerLeveled are just as excited for the launch of Destiny as everyone else, we’ve taken note of your questions about the game, and it’s time to answer them right now – before the game launches on September 9th.

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Hi3i2498d ago

Cant wait even the 360 version is good

JoeIsMad2498d ago Show
user14394142498d ago

Xbox360 version will be good :) The PS4 version will be excellent. :)

I cant wait for the game to come out I spent so much time on the BETA and ended up getting 3 characters level capped.

XBLSkull2498d ago

My question would be is competitive multiplayer actually fun in the final game? Because it wasn't in the beta...

My second follow up question would be did all of the multiplayer development team get jobs at 343i when Bungie stopped doing Halo?

FamilyGuy2498d ago

I'm glad I have a PS4 but honestly, it really doesn't matter what platform you get to play this game on. I'm hyped about the game itself, not the pretty graphics, resolution or timed bonus content. I'm excited about having fun exploring the worlds, going through the story line with friends, collecting rare equipment, unlocking all the special abilities and kicking ass in the PvP modes.

The core of the game and everything it lets you do has me excited to play this on day one.

BiggerBoss2498d ago

@xblskull, I found the pvp to be extremely fun, you must've not been very good at it;)

OT: I can't wait for the 9th. I'm not a huge fan of multiplayer games (don't like COD, used to play Halo a lot before I switched to ps3) but I had so much fun in the beta that I'm completely sold on this game.

3-4-52498d ago

article with facts ? awesome

brich2332498d ago

360 version is good, I tested the Xbox One and 360 version and the differences werent so drastic as i expected.

Spinal2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

Can't wait for this game. Sept 9th on my PS4 Guardian edition. I couldnt stop playing the beta was so addicted.

Warlock class for me and I got a week off from the 9th Sept :)

ceejaa2498d ago

Im off 9th till that sunday. Ill be trying to finish to lvl 20+ if on ps4 look for me.

otherZinc2498d ago

Does Destiny have Campaign Co-op?

Does Destiny have Campaign Co-op via Split Screen?

FamilyGuy2498d ago

Destiny is an online only game, it doesn't have split screen but the entire story mode can be played with 2 friends cooperatively because it has 3-man "fireteams".

FernGully2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

Campaign Co-op Split-Screen is a question that should not get answered. That's just retarded mate! All the Gamers played the Beta and know better than to ask that.

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ROQFrost2498d ago

I agree with jowls mad the PS4 version is epic!

Jacktrauma2498d ago

Epic amount of content, can't wait

Stevefantisy2498d ago

Nice read can't wait till the 9th

Palitera2498d ago

These guys definitely did their research.

Very good to see actual journalism happening in a while.

Hope you guys keep your work productive there. Will have my hits.

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The story is too old to be commented.