Creepy Secret Messaged Discovered in Silent Hills Demo

"If you have played P.T. aka the Silent Hills demo, you may want to check out this creepy message."

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DarkOcelet3144d ago

I am getting a twin peaks vibe from this game ... that reverse msg seemed in japanese .

ForgottenProphecy3144d ago

would you be able to translate by any chance? We were able to get a translation from Spanish, but we'd love another set of eyes (or ears) on this

DarkOcelet3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

Sorry i am an egyptian but watching alot of anime made me realise it could be japanese , but maybe am wrong , if there is anything in arabic i would gladly help . And what was the spanish translation if i may ask ?


If you got Twin Peaks vibe for it then you really aren't into Silent Hill universe. Better say Alan Wake games (which are miles away from Silent Hill games (in a bad way))have Twin Peaks vibe (even the devs confirmed they copied twin Peaks atmosphere).

Redrum0593144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

while I was playing the demo, I paused it to go for a restroom break. so im sitting on the toilet seat in my house all alone when I hear a strange mumbling, not finishing up I pulled my pants up and grabbed a kitchen knife and did a quick patrol throughout my house. I was afraid that someone was in the house. after not finding anyone I told myself it had to be the game messing with me and returned to the restroom to finish up. most uneasy #2 ive ever had to take. I apologize for the detailes everyone.

when a game is able to affect you when you aren't even playing it, then its a game worth buying .

In kojima we trust

im glad this cleared things up.

UnwanteDreams3143d ago

This game will be great im sure but I saw nothing that made me think Silent Hill in PT except the audio. Im a huge fan of the original games. Everything after the fourth is garbage. I hope they do it right.

Kidmyst3143d ago

Thanks for the good laugh +1 thumbs up

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Treezy5043144d ago

@DarkOcelet it's translated in the article.

Tanto que tuvo, el Temblava

So much he had, he shivered

pwnsause_returns3144d ago

i was going to say the same thing, exactly what treezy translated.

Th4Freak3144d ago

Thats not the right translation, i'm native and it actually says:

Tanto que todo el temblaba.

So much that he was shaking.

Treezy5043144d ago

@Th4Freak thanks, that was how we previously had it before @Grumpy corrected it.

Th4Freak3144d ago

@Treezy504 Np, anyways if you want a second opinion of natives I recommend you to ask for help on /r/learnspanish i'm quite sure they will gladly answer.

CertifiedGamer3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

I heard "Tanto que todo temblaba" which means "So much that everything trembled". I don't know where you got shiver from because shiver means "escalofrio" in spanish.

RyuCloudStrife3144d ago

I heard "Tanto que tuvo, el temblaba"

In English means "So much he had, he was shaking".

Oner3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

@Certified ~ Not saying you are wrong/right but it really depends on what Spanish i.e. PR, DR, ER, Mex, Spain etc. as well as the tense of the previous words or conjugation. Although at this point it kind of doesn't matter as the overall sense/meaning of the point is understood.

1OddWorld3143d ago

No no. It says "Buy more Ovaltine".

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LackTrue4K3144d ago

Clearly sounds like Spanish.

I hear,
"All is tall, and every thing shook/earthquake"

ground_beef3144d ago

Greetings from Cairo mohandiseen, always nice to see a fellow countryman gamer. The gaming community in Egypt sucks though. Gaming was never a big part of our culture, compared to other Arabic countries like UAE, Kuwait, or Saudi Arabia, we can't hold a candle to them. It saddens me to see a ps dedicated store in those 3 countries and not in Egypt.

3143d ago
3-4-53143d ago

I don't even want to play this game. Not because it sucks....I just don't feel like paying $60 to scare the shey out of myself. lol

harrisk9543143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

So f'ing scary. I've played through it twice, watched countless Twitch streams of the game and played during the day. The game still scares me out and stresses the crap out of me. I thought that Outlast was scary until I played this demo.

********SPOILER BELOW************

Also, if anyone has had Lisa charge at you and possess you or kill you, it is the scariest thing I have ever seen in a video game or even a movie!

breakpad3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

PS4 Exclusive COnfirmed!!!

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shaenoide3144d ago

Tanto que tuvo, el Temblava

So much he had, he shivered

DarkOcelet3144d ago ... i think they meant the father that he drank too much that he shivered , remember the huge amount of alcohol bottles , maybe he was depressed that he killed his whole family because of that depression ...

Treezy5043144d ago

That's a very good observation!


He killed his entire family for a more sinister reason (I am a Silent Hill expert and I dissected the entire demo with other die hard fans) that I can't share because I don't want people to get spoiled (maybe you will find it by yourself if you pay more attention).

Ben Dover3143d ago


You don't have much going on in your life do you?

UnwanteDreams3143d ago

Silent Hill expert? Yet your hyped for FP Silent hill? So called experts have ruined the franchise. Im looking at you Homecoming devs.

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BattleN3144d ago

exactly what shaenoide translated

Majin-vegeta3144d ago

So much he had he shivered.

George Sears3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

There is also another message in English that pops up randomly when you are in the last puzzle. It says "I waited for it to pass". Thought this was a means of getting another baby laughter but I just think those things are just random.

N4Flamers3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

I think that "i waited for it to pass" is a clue that tells you to wait till after 11:59. Thats how I figured out I had to just chill.

On another note if you wait and go in the basement door at different times you will get a different colored flashlight. I dont know what this means. If you walk backwards down the stairs and turn around and go in the door then the light by the front door will be on. I dont know what that means either.

fOrlOnhOpe573144d ago

Did anyone else get the upside down credits playing in the bathroom? Before the end, I think.

nagalaga313144d ago

What if your head was slowly and unaware to you been twisted upside down while playing P.T.?

PaleMoonDeath3144d ago

If the damned phone would ring I would be likely to experience it haha!

I experienced weird things happening while spending an hour or two trying to get the baby to laugh, the same static would happen like when you pick up a piece of the ripped photo frame, saying things like "I have walked this far" in text, or "I avoided the woman" anybody else get these messages? or even more so?

christian hour3144d ago

I got something like "I held him. never moving" or something alongthose lines. cant remember its been a few days, it came up when i was standing still looking up online how to get the damn second laugh. still havent gotten it :P

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