Why Wait For Samus? Seven Metroid-Like Games To Play Now

"One of the biggest disappointments coming out of E3 was the lack of any Nintendo news regarding the company's popular Metroid series. Thankfully, gamers no longer have to rely on Nintendo to scratch that itch. Over the years there have been a number of great releases that have emulated Metroid's exploration-based gameplay in a variety of original ways. Here are some of the best non-Metroid, Metroid-like games that any fan of the series should make a point of adding to their gaming catalog. "

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Snookies123326d ago

Yeah sure there are great games that use the same formula, but it's the atmosphere I love most about Metroid.

jcnba283326d ago

I've never been more immersed in a video game than while playing Metroid Prime. The music, atmosphere, locations, enemies etc. were amazing. Come on Nintendo I want to experience that again!

randomass1713325d ago

I've been borrowing the trilogy for Wii ever since I got the Wii U but I haven't once played it... I really need to change that. All I ever hear is how great those games were. Gotta be better than Other M which was really lacking IMO.

Venoxn4g3325d ago

there are 2 metroid games in development .. one of them 2D other is ..who knows, but big chance it's gonna be like Prime ..

LightDiego3326d ago

Great games, but we really need a new Metroid too, lol.

MrSwankSinatra3325d ago

Not making a 2D Metroid on the 3DS is really a missed opportunity. I would imagine that it wouldn't take much money to make, but at the same time would sell well and sell systems. It would also be perfect to tide over people until an actual console Metroid game comes out.

lonelyplayer3325d ago

Nintendo stop releasing 30 new marios every year. We want metroid!

lilbroRx3325d ago

Nintendo generally only release 2-3 Mario games a year, and they are their best selling titles. Why would they want to stop?

Metroid sells no where near as high as their other games.

princejb1343325d ago

Maybe it don't sell well because no one wants that metroid prime series. I rather have a 2d metroid any day over a first person shooter

CouldHaveYelledUiiW3325d ago

Why wait for SAMUS?

Don't TIME make a Reason?


I will look into these.
Metroid is one of my favorite games.

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RiseNShine109d ago

Someone should fire to the lowest pit the guy on Konami that thought mobile gaming was the future and destroyed MGS, Castlevania and other franchises in the way.

edureboucas104d ago

I think that might have been a group decision, but lol!


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darthv72137d ago

I took advantage of the $1 deal for lost planet 3, strider, bionic commando and mega man. 3 of them run great on my steam deck. bionic commando sadly does not.

Father__Merrin137d ago

ive left humble bundle long time ago the pricimng is now off as well as game collection. humble monthly used to be excellent but thasts also downhill