White Consoles Always Win

If digg, N4G and NeoGaf are any indication, the internet was invented solely for gaming Neanderthals to argue about the console wars. "Framerate" this, "exclusive game" that. "Pixel bump shader fliter proxy triple mipmapping" this, "physics porn" that. It's really quite tiring, isn't it? What if GamesRadar told you there was a clear and easy way to predict each victor with 90% accuracy - a way to forever silence the incessant forum-vomiting that is The Console War?

Well, GamesRadar can't make them quit babbling about 720p and backwards compatibility, but they can offer this observation to those who're willing to sit back and look at the big picture - the white console always wins. Every time, white or grey demolishes the opponent, who's usually draped in black. Maybe it's a light/dark subliminal suggestion, GamesRadar are not sure, but with only one major exception the black console is handed its ass. Obviously GamesRadar are not saying black plastic is the reason these machines lost... it's just a pretty damn startling coincidence.

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Silogon3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

Sure they do, Dreamcast was a super success. Ask anyone.

But to be serious for a second. Xbox 360 has a sku that is white, green and black. Wii has multiple sku colors too, as does the Ps3. So how do we stack these up into the "true" color?

I own a custom PS3, a black xbox 360 and a regular black ps3. What does that tell me? that one of my ps3's is going to win and the other isn't? Man, that sucks.

As for their bias total stacking. Ps3 had a total of 13 million sold and they stacked the wii and xbox 360's together for like 47 million. Seems fair to me. Even more so when Ps3 is sitting a mere 5 million out from the xbox 360's install base.


fork_the_lad3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

360 + Wii together will beat PS3

PS3 will beat 360 on its own

but Wii will always beat PS3. Nintendo always WINNNNZ

fork_the_lad3779d ago

Elite is black

Wii is white

PS2 was orginalyl black

xhairs3779d ago

I think the only problem with this article was the very last. Why did they put Wii with the 360? Shouldn't the 360 also be considered a loser to the Wii? It's being completely dominated and molested at the moment by the childs toy Wii.

All that aside, the Gameboy was Gray not Ipod White.

Mr Fancy Pants3779d ago

Nintendo always win?
This is the first time Nintendo is winning a console war since what? 20 years? lol

GameCube was an awesome console but no one cared. The Wii it's just a piece of S#!t recycled and everybody likes it... i don't understand.
Maybe novelty? mmmmm yes.

beoulve3779d ago

hmmm like a loser became friend with the winner, and then suddenly called himself winner as well? That's pretty pathetic. We all know who is the white winner and there is only one.

barom3779d ago

lol PS2 was black, and it sold 6-7 times better than it's competitors. I don't think any console so far has won with such big ratio (6-7:1).

Games matter, forget color

jtucker783778d ago

Regardless of numbers.

I absolutely loved the Gamecube. What a brilliant console.

The Wii however... ...I'm not going to say anything nasty about it (for a change), but I really don't like it.

I like to back the underdog. Stick it to the man!

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morganfell3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

Worthless article. Proof? Here:

Now delete this retarded writing.

Evilninja3779d ago

Shouldn't you actually READ the article before you declare it worthless? Because if you had, you'd realize they address that...

3779d ago
lsujester3779d ago

I read it and see that in the case of the black console obliterating the white one, they make a bunch of excuses for the black one... but yet when a white one wins, they just basically say, "Suck it, black!!" instead of giving any sort of reason WHY the white one won or WHY the black one lost.

Retarded article.

Rene Groen3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

Wouldn't this be considered racism? I remember when Sony put out a black versus white PSP ad. Isn't this the same principle? So the entire game-industry acts like this.

Evilninja3779d ago

How's it racist? They're not talking about people.

Rene Groen3779d ago

I was just thinking out loud, but if something wins because it is white and not black, that seems to be racism if Resi5 and the PSP ads are categorized like that too. (But hey, just thinking, no need too reach much into it)

Evilninja3779d ago

That's a fair point. But then, it'd be racism on the part of the people buying the systems, not the industry.

theKiller3779d ago

if it was against the ps3 then there is no relation between colors of the consoles!!

how sad this industry became!! all this happened since MS entered!! they wanna make monopoly like their windows!!

i will never spend 1$ on MS related thing!!!

SUP3R3779d ago

That is very poor logic Evilninja.

Domenikos3779d ago

Note: Before we even get into this, we'll openly acknowledge the obvious complaints we'll receive over elevating something "white" over something "black." To this, we say A: Grow up, B: Numbers don't lie and C: Some of our favorite consoles are black

Evilninja3779d ago

How is it poor logic? If we accept the argument that the success of white consoles is somehow racist, then it necessarily follows that said racism is on the part of the people who make the choice to buy a white console over a black one. I'm pretty sure the companies who make black consoles don't set them up to fail on purpose, so it's not racism on their part.

Now, I'm not saying it IS racist. I can't imagine that anyone who knows anything about video games would honestly pick one console over another just because of its color. However, if you want to hypothetically argue that it's racist, then the idea that it's racism on the industry's part doesn't really make sense.

Aaaaand I'm out of bubbles. Go nuts.

Smacktard3779d ago

This is the reason I hate people. Agreeing with a person making a stupid point, and disagreeing with the one making sense. How is this article racist? It's merely making an observation. I can't believe you aren't allowed to observe consumer patterns based on color any more without getting the RACE card.

Campbells soup had psychologists and scientists study people in super markets and found that people were more likely to pick something up (and at least look at it) if it were red or white, and at eye level, hence why the Campbell's soup can is red and white. I guess that means that the Campbell's soup people are racist against non-white and non-red people, and that basically everyone else is too. Damn you, racist humanity!

Domenikos3779d ago

bubls for u... Evilninja

theKiller3779d ago

this place is full of bugs!!!!!

man0fsteel3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

dude, i'm black,and that has to be the most ridiculous idea i've ever heard on this thing... racism is negative idealology against specific color of human beings... you can not apply that concept to video game consoles!!!

theKiller3779d ago

u r not black, u r like micheal jackson!! original black but then changed color!! why dont u put 2pac picture?? u traitor!! i am not black but it is good to be proud of our self!!

partly joking(first part)!!

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solidjun53779d ago

garbage writing i have ever read. Who approved this dribble? The dude needs to grow up! what does White/Black have to do with anything. It's always about the games and it will always be about the games.

Domenikos3779d ago

Actually it has a nice research, and at certain point its true...