PS3 Dragon Ball Z Bursts Into Japanese Charts "Number One"

From Gamsutra:

The PlayStation 3 version of Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit has entered straight in at number one in the Japanese sales charts this week, with 92,000 unit sales. The Namco Bandai release leads an unusually cosmopolitan top ten, in which almost all the lead formats are represented – even if the top thirty as a whole is still dominated by Nintendo format titles.

The second highest new entry of the week, at number two, is what would be known in the West as Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer 3 from Chunsoft and Sega. Despite the higher chart position though the 59,000 unit sales are below the 88,000 unit debut of the previous DS entry in the dungeon crawler franchise, when it launched in December 2006.

The next highest new entry is one of two new Tecmo releases this week: a murder mystery adventure on the Nintendo DS from Japanese crime writer Misa Yamamura. An update of a series of older Japanese titles on the NES, the game sold 38,000 units.

Tecmo's second new entry is Ninja Gaiden II at number eight, with 25,000 units sold. The small installed userbase of the Xbox 360 in Japan has limited the game's overall success, with the Xbox 360 version of Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit charting only as high as number twelve.

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Ashta3779d ago

92,000 units? Not bad. Maybe now Namco-Bandai will see that things DO actually sell on the Ps3 and maybe well get some JRPG love from them.


shine13963779d ago

does anybody know what the first ps3 number one in japan was?

crazy250003779d ago

I liked the demo, but still not sure about this.